The V18 Launch Party!!! 2.5x EXP!!! AND MOAR!!! PLAY FOR REWARDS V2.0

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image:The V18 Launch Party!!! 2.5x EXP!!! AND MOAR!!! PLAY FOR REWARDS V2.0.jpg

Greetings Flyffers and welcome to the V18: Renaissance Launch Party!!!

There's a ton of stuff going on right now and we're going to get this Renaissance rolling right!

Check out all of the great events running now:

2.5x EXP for 1 week! 3x EXP starting on Friday and lasting ALL WEEKEND!

You're reading that right Flyffers. The servers are NOW treating you to 2.5x EXP. Take advantage of it now, the leveling is going to be MAD. Furthermore, starting this Friday - Black Friday, exp rates lasting all weekend will be set to a hefty 3x!!! You've got the time? We've got plenty of leveling to offer you! This is the main event you've all been waiting for, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Mysterious Bags, Sunstones, and Moonstones Drop Event

We've got not one, not two, but THREE drop events going on simultaneously! Mysterious Bags, Event Sunstones, and Event Moonstones will ALL be dropping off of regular masquerpets level 15 and up. That's right, if you weren't already enticed by the new Treasure Boxes that will be dropping off of masquerpets, there's still lots more exciting farming to do! Between exp grinding, box hunting, and exploring all those great new dungeons, there isn't a shortage of AWESHUM stuff to do this week and weekend! Enjoy it Flyffers!

The New Play For Rewards Event

Last but not least, we've got the revamped Play For Rewards Event kicking off's the Holiday Edition so there's some festive fun stuff lined up for it. Here's what makes it revamped though, and for those of you that aren't familiar with the event, read on carefully:

Play For Rewards is a '35 day event that ends on December 26th. Basically, anytime you log into the game during this event (which starts on November 22nd) AND log in AT LEAST one hour of uninterrupted (no disconnecting) gameplay, you earn a reward.

  • The reward is a surprise and changes daily but remember, you must log in an uninterrupted hour! Furthermore, the days are consecutively dependent - meaning, in order to get day 2 rewards, you must first complete 1 hour on day 1.
  • If you somehow miss day 1, the first time you successfully log in a 1 hour day, you will get the day 1 reward.
  • If you successfully complete day 1 and day 2, but neglect to log in the 3rd following day, the next time you log in and complete 1 hour of log in time, you will get the day 3 reward and so on.
  • The first 20 days are repeatable rewards! That's right, every hour you log in, you receive the daily reward yet again! There being 24 hours in a day, you can possibly repeat this 24 times in a day!!
  • All items are event and no trade, but you can bet that the prizes are well worth the effort!
  • Days 21-35 are non repeatable rewards, but have been scaled to be the most rewarding prizes.
  • However, in order to get these days, you MUST once again, successfully log in 1 hour each day for the first 20 days!

Unfortunately, this time around we won't be giving you the full list of prizes You'll have to log in your hours to find out!  !!! UPDATE !!!

Greetings Flyffers!

In light of the technical issues with the lag and crashing throughout the previous week and the weekend prior to it, we have gone ahead and extended Play For Rewards to end on December 28th, 11:59:59 PM PST instead of on December 26th as originally planned. This change will be affecting all servers!

We apologize again for the technical issues, and have made this extension with your interests in mind.

Enjoy Flyffers!

Sincerely, -The Flyff GM Team

Yes I edited the announcement ~ RabidFish


  • You will get 2 mails. Please wait for the second mail to arrive (it may take a min or more to pop up), that is the one that contains the prize !!! Happened for the first 20 days !!!
  • Seems like you do not have to login a straight hour atm 23/12/2011

Warning: Consecutive element of this event is NOT working !!! AT present time there is no news as to how this will be delt with. If at all. IF you miss a day and login the next day, you will get that day's reward, not the reward that you missed on the missed day.

Additional Wiki Note:

  • This is "Play for Rewards V" (5th to have taken place)!!!

List of Rewards

With that said, this is a new take on Play For Rewards, we hope you like it, the prizes are gewd, Happy Holidays!

Once again, there's a TON of stuff going on RIGHT NOW with the launch of V18, be sure to take full advantage of the party that kicks of NOW!!!

Enjoy Flyffers, and have blast in Madrigal during V18: Renaissance!

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