The Flyff 5 Year Anniversary Event

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Image:The Flyff 5 Year Anniversary Event.jpg

Greetings Flyffers! Happy 5 Year Anniversary

The following events are going to blow your mind so brace yourselves.

The Flyff GM team is proud to present:

5x Exp Event on December 22nd, 2010

5x EXP EVENT! Nuff said 24 hours of pure grinding goodness.

But, if you miss out due to the craziness of the Christmas holidays...

3x EXP Event for 1 Week!

3x Exp Event for the 6 days following the 22nd. (Exp Event ends the night of maintenance on the 28th).

Event Monster Mash Event

Missed out on Mocomochi? Oh noes, you weren't around for the Zombie hunt, Male Zombie & Female Zombie? Wait, there's a Clockworks Butler? What about R. DeFeo, Bloody Mary, the Dumb Bulls, and the Gobblers?

Here's your chance to see them all!!! Throughout the next 7 days, ALL of these event monsters will be spawning and will be dropping the epic things they drop. While their quests are unavailable this time around, you can still enjoy slaughtering these event masquerpets until you don't know what to make of it.

Daily Login Event

Last but definitely not least, the following items are yours:

How are they yours? Lolz. Pretty much, just log in, and they're yours to keep. The first character you log into on any account created before December 22nd, 2010 will automatically receive the above listed items upon log-in. Furthermore, you get ALL of these items upon log-in once per day for the next 7 days. Warning though, this will only work once per account, and the items will go to the first character that you log into so make sure to log-in to your main first (but don't worry most of them are tradable).

Crazy stuff Flyffers? Well you're not dreaming, it's all real. Log in, have fun, try not to grind your fingers to death, and enjoy the XMas and the 5 Year anniversary events before the new decade comes.

Happy Holidays, enjoy it Flyffers, it's all for you!

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