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Important Change for FWC

Important: Update to the FWC

Greetings Flyffers from around the world,

Unfortunately, it has come to the attention of the FWC Leadership Committee that there existed a severe exploit and bug to the Colosseum. This bug has had the potential to introduce an element of unbalance and unfairness to the FWC Regional Preliminaries and as such has already been addressed.

However, it is with our deepest and sincerest apologies that due to the mere existence of such an exploit, we will be resetting all rankings and posted times for the Colosseum across ALL Flyff territories competing in the FWC. While this may come as a shocking surprise, please keep in mind that this decision was made after much deliberation between all participating countries and all members of the FWC Leadership Committee. The decision to reset the rankings was made with everyone’s interests in mind, especially you the players, for the sake of preserving absolute fairness within the Flyff World Championships.

We are happy to announce, however, that we have also made the decision to extend the FWC Preliminaries by 2 more weeks, and all competing guilds will have up to September 11th, 2011 to post up their new times. Additionally, all top ranked guilds that had posted times will be reimbursed with a CS Consumables package to compensate for their valuable time and hard efforts.

Full details to this update for the FWC can be reviewed below so please read carefully if you are a competing Flyffer:

1) All Legendary Mode rankings for the Colosseum prior to August 24th or 25th will be reset clean. The date is dependant on maintenance schedule.

2) The FWC Regional Preliminaries are being extended to September 11th, 2011. Participating guilds will have up until this date to post their times on the new rankings.

3) Top Ranked guilds for the FWC will be reimbursed with a Consumable package. Details will be announced shortly. These will be provided to the individual guild leaders by the respective GMs in each territory.

Once again we deeply and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this mishap has caused, but hope that you understand our stance in order to preserve the fair competitive spirit that each of you has brought to the competition. We want nothing but the best for you the players and this decision reflects that.

We do thank you for your continued support, and look forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks as the FWC progresses into the tournament phase.

FWC Supervisor Committee

FWC Leadership Committee

GM Teams from all territories


The Colosseum is where guild parties from the different countries participating will go to qualify for the FWC's. Here guilds will meet Giant Masquerpets in a consecutive manner.
  • Requirements to enter Colosseum
Party members must be from same Guild preferably one of each class.
(For trails you will play with characters of your own making. It is preferable that your guild members, as a group, can play every class. When finals arrive you will be given 8 level 130 character. One of each class. So if you have 8 Billposters who have never played anything else you might be at a disadvantage.)
  • Colosseum types
Lower Level Colosseum : Total 14 stages
Higher Level Colosseum: Total 12 stages (Only high level is used for FWC Trails)
  • Time Limit System
Time will be limited per stage and if you can’t defeat monster in time, you will be disqualified
  • Different Boss Monsters per stage
Lower Level Colosseum version of the: Giant Bang, Giant Rockepeller, Giant Greemong, Potato Boss and more
Higher Level Colosseum version of: Lykanos the Malevolent, Lucifer, Guan Yu Heavyblade, (God of Death) Ankou and more
(Only high level is used for FWC Trails)
Image:Coloseum host.jpg
The FWC will be held on a new server made especially for this occasion.
Image:fwc server.jpg

Regulation Guide

For Complete Information please veiw main site
Official Rules Download


Total of 10 countries – Korea, Germany, France, U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand and Spanish countries
All FLYFF users who are on the FLYFF serviced by every publishers
Team of 8 members in 1 guild can participate
All publishers including Gala Lab employees and their relatives up to the 2nd degree of affinity and consanguinity are disqualified from joining any category, stage and phase of the FLYFF World Championship
There is no limitation on nationality of participant, but nationality of participant will be recognized by the FLYFF server where participant usually connects to.
If participant applies for FWC with multiple nationalities, he must choose one (1) country. Otherwise participant can’t participate.
If participants for FWC are under age, they must submit written consent form from their parents according to relevant country law.
Teams who would like to participate must challenge new V17 system called ‘Legendary Mode’ from local server.
Regional Preliminary Due Date

:August 28th 2011, 23:59 New amended date September 11th, 2011

Every participant must read and understand FWC Game Rule and Schedule. Requests from participants who don’t have full knowledge of FWC Game Rule and Schedule will not have any exemption. Every document related FWC can be downloaded from FWC Official Website. Any questions can be asked on forum of Http:// or via email ,


Activity DATE
FWC Official Homepage Launch (For User) June 10th 2011
Regional Preliminaries July 1st 2011 ~ September 11th 2011
FWC National Competition Server Opens TBA
Announcement of Teams September 16th 2011
National Competition Arena Open Practice September 6th 2011 ~ September 18th 2011
Qualifying Rounds (Team1 VS Team2 / Team3 VS Team4) September 24th 2011
Qualifying Rounds (Team5 VS Team6 / Team7 VS Team8) September 25th 2011
Qualifying Rounds (Team9 VS Team10 / Team11 VS Team12) October 1st 2011
Qualifying Rounds (Team13 VS Team14 / Team15 VS Team16) October 2nd 2011
Quarter-Final Match (Team1 VS Team2 / Team3 VS Team4) October 8th 2011
Quarter-Final Match (Team5 VS Team6 / Team7 VS Team8) October 9th 2011
Semi-Final Match & 3rd, 4th Place Match October 15th 2011
Final Match October 16th 2011
Announcement of Winning Team October 17th 2011
Prizes and Gifts Awarded October 21st 2011
Winning Team visits Gala Lab and gStar in Korea November 2011(Unsettled)


Participation Method
Form a guild with at least 8 members
Challenge ‘High Level Colosseum System’
Game Set-up
Any territorial server with the latest FLYFF version (v17) may be used.
You must challenge and win the High Level Colosseum System.
You must play your own character.
You may participate at any level that may challenge the High Level Colosseum.
You may participate with any job. There is no set limitation to the jobs that must be in the guild.
There is no limit to the number of people participating in the guild or in the Colosseum Challenge.
The dates for the regional preliminaries are July 1st 2011 ~ August 28th 2011.
‘High Level Colosseum System’ is the only system that will be used for qualification.
Once a guild has qualified, they must choose eight players to represent them. This line-up will not be changed once a guild has chosen their eight players.
Participation Method
1. The participating teams will consist of 1 1st ranked team from each territory (total of ten first ranked teams), and 6 wild cards that are the top ranking teams from all territories combined.
2. All members of the 16 teams must send their Name/Age/Address/Email Address/Phone Number to relevant publisher. Information must be current and actual; any member found to be using false information will be disqualified.
Game Set-up
1. Each territory will provide a National Competition Server on which their territory will call ‘home’
2. The system used will be the National Competition Arena System.
3. The competition will be held on different territorial servers. Each team may compete on more than one server. When playing on their designated server, they will be ‘Home’. When playing away from their designated server, they will be ‘Away’.
4. Gala Lab will create the characters which will be used by the players. There will be one of each job on a full team as follows:
Force Master
US version class names
5. Each player will be able to change the standard stat points as they desire.
6. All skills will be set at MAX level.
7. Each player will have a set list of equipment. (See list below.)
8. Each player will have a set list of items and consumables. (See list below)
9. Each player will be named for their territory, plus a number. (ie France2, US5, Brazil6)
10. Number of Rounds
Qualifying Rounds: Best of Three rounds (Home Server) / Best of Three rounds (Away Server)
– Best of Three means first 2 rounds win out of 3 rounds.
Quarter Final: Best of Five rounds (Home Server) / Best of Five rounds (Away Server)
– Best of Five means first 3 rounds win out of 5 rounds.
Semi Final: Best of Five rounds (Home Server) / Best of Five rounds (Away Server)
– Best of Five means first 3 rounds won out of 5 rounds.
3th, 4th Place: Best of Seven rounds (Home Server) / Best of Seven rounds (Away Server)
– Best of Seven means first 4 rounds win out of 7 rounds.
Final: Best of Seven rounds (Home Server) / Best of Seven rounds (Away Server)
– Best of Seven means first 4 rounds win out of 7 rounds.
11. Each round will last ten minutes.
12. Method to determine winner
The team who has the most victories, combining Home and Away Servers, becomes the winner.
Ex.: If A and B is fighting in qualifying round, and A wins first 2 rounds from Home Server then, wins another 1 round from Away server, and B wins 2 rounds. A will be the winner.

Home (A) 2W:0L 0W:2L
Away (B) 1W:2L 2W:1L
Total 3W:2L 2W:3L

If the two teams have the same number of victories, add up number of survived characters from each round. The team with the largest total number of survivors in the combined matches is the winner.
1. The finals will proceed to ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ in order.
2. The characters which will be used in the finals will be created by Gala Lab, and the login information will be sent out to participant 3 days before the match.
3. The Tournament Tree will be randomly set. (Refer to the Tournament Tree below.)


July 1st 2011 ~ August 28th 2011
Detailed Process
Connect to your local client.
Form a guild with at least 8 members
Challenge ‘High Level Colosseum System’
Finish the ‘High Level Colosseum System’ fastest
Repeat as necessary to improve your record during the Regional Preliminaries.
September 24th 2011 ~ October 16th 2011
Detailed Process
16 teams that won their Regional Preliminary Rounds participate.
Every publisher who participates in FWC must prepare a separate server and install ‘National Competition Arena System’ no later than August 22.
Gala Lab will provide the ‘National Competition Arena’ client to all participants.
Gala Lab will send login information via email to all participants accordingly (ID/Password/Character List)
Participant connects to ‘National Competition Arena’ server relevant to Tournament Tree and Schedule (Watching Area).
Gala Lab’s FWC Manager summons participant team members to Waiting Area.
Participants prepare for battle by adjusting stat points, setting up their battle routines, etc. for 10 minutes.
When the preparation time has passed, Gala Lab’s FWC Manager summons participant team members to the Fighting Area.
When participants are summoned to Fighting Area, they are not allowed to move. At this time, a 10 second counter will appear, and when 10 seconds is up, the battle will begin.
If members from both teams are still alive after 10 minutes of battle, the Ghost of Death will appear for all surviving members, killing with one hit.
Ghost of Deaths are unbeatable, and they can see hiding characters.
Team with last surviving member wins the round.
When the round is over, participant members will be summoned back to the Waiting Area automatically.
After a 5 minute break, the next round begins with above rules.
When all matches on the Home server are completed, all participants must connect to the Away Server and proceed the match with above rules. A 20 minute break and change period will be allowed.





Classes Templar Slayer Harlequin Crackshooter
Armor Majestic Bileire Set (M) Helmet Piercing Heraud Set (M) Helmet Trickster's Curio Set (M) Helmet Deadeye's Hainure Set (M) Helmet
Majestic Bileire Set (M) Suit Piercing Heraud Set (M) Suit Trickster's Curio Set (M) Suit Deadeye's Hainure Set (M) Suit
Majestic Bileire Set (M) Gauntlet Piercing Heraud Set (M) Gauntlet Trickster's Curio Set (M) Gauntlet Deadeye's Hainure Set (M) Gauntlet
Majestic Bileire Set (M) Boots Piercing Heraud Set (M) Boots Trickster's Curio Set (M) Boots Deadeye's Hainure Set (M) Boots
and Shields
Celestial Edge
K Fang x2
Butcher's Carnage x2
Dementia Dragon's Rain
Arrows x9999
Heavens Gate
Jewelry Demol Earring x2
Speedo x2
Plug Earring x2
Demol Earring x2
Speedo x2
Plug Earring x2
Demol Earring x2
Speedo x2
Demol Earring x2
Speedo x2
Gore Necklace
Peision Necklace
Gore Necklace
Peision Necklace
Gore Necklace
Peision Necklace
Gore Necklace
Peision Necklace
Vigor Ring x2
Stam Ring x2
Vigor Ring x2
Stam Ring x2
Arek Ring x2
Vigor Ring x2
Stam Ring x2
Arek Ring x2
Stam Ring x2
Arek Ring x2
Classes Seraph Force Master Mentalist Arcanist
Armor Purifier's Reine Set (M) Helmet Vigorous Roenier Set (M) Helmet Cryptic Reffiro Set (M) Helmet Mystical Lippin Set (M) Helmet
Purifier's Reine Set (M) Suit Vigorous Roenier Set (M) Suit Cryptic Reffiro Set (M) Suit Mystical Lippin Set (M) Suit
Purifier's Reine Set (M) Gauntlet Vigorous Roenier Set (M) Gauntlet Cryptic Reffiro Set (M) Gauntlet Mystical Lippin Set (M) Gauntlet
Purifier's Reine Set (M) Boots Vigorous Roenier Set (M) Boots Cryptic Reffiro Set (M) Boots Mystical Lippin Set (M) Boots
and Shields
Bless Poster x9999
Maw of Judgment
Skill Poster x9999
Scepter of Disorder Roika's Stave
Heart of Rhisis Tome of Obeah
Grimore of the Risen
Jewelry Demol Earring x2
Speedo x2
Plug Earring x2
Demol Earring x2
Speedo x2
Plug Earring x2
Demol Earring x2
Speedo x2
Demol Earring x2
Speedo x2
Gore Necklace
Mental Necklace
Gore Necklace
Mental Necklace
Gore Necklace
Mental Necklace
Gore Necklace
Mental Necklace
Vigor Ring x2
Stam Ring x2
Intelli Ring x2
Vigor Ring x2
Stam Ring x2
Intelli Ring x2
Stam Ring x2
Intelli Ring x2
Stam Ring x2
Intelli Ring x2



Item QTY Details
Upcut Stone 2 A Magic Stone that increases your Attack Power (ATK) by 20%. Lasts 20 minutes.
Grilled Eel 2 +50% Max. HP for a limited time
Refresher Hold 2 A curious blue potion that grants the imbiber unlimited Magic Points (MP) for a limited time. Last 20 minutes.
Vital Drink X 2 A very strong energy drink that completely refills the imbiber's Focus Points (FP) while granting unlimited FP for a limited time. Lasts 20 minutes.
Enhanced Activition 2 This new and improved Enhanced Activition provides unlimited Action Slot skills for 30 mins.
Remantis Laccotte 20 A favorite of fine food connoisseurs throughout Madrigal, this delectable dish completely restores your Health Points (HP).
Buff Breaker 10 Remove one of your target's buffs
Scroll of Holy 8 Immediately recovers from stun or poison
FLY 2 Increases your movement speed by 15% for 1 hour.
FOR 2 Increases your Defense Power by 150 for one hour.
FUN 2 Increases your Attack Power by 200 for 1 hour.
Re-Stat 1 Reset your stats
*ABOVE ITEMS CAN BE MODIFIED IN THE FUTURE / Arrows/Posters will be provided.

Participating Countries

Flag Country Publisher Website
image:Korea.gif Korea Gala Lab
image:Germany.gif Germany Gala Networks Europe
image:France.gif France Gala Networks Europe
image:U.S..gif U.S. Gala-Net
image:Japan.gif Japan Gala Japan
image:Taiwan.gif Taiwan Macrowell Technology
image:Brazil.gif Brazil Gala-Net Brazil
image:Indonesia.gif Indonesia Kingslaim
image:Thailand.gif Thailand Ini3
image:Spain.gif Spain Gala-Net
image:Mexico.gif Mexico Gala-Net
image:Argentina.gif Argentina Gala-Net
image:Chile.gif Chile Gala-Net
image:Colombia.gif Colombia Gala-Net
image:Peru.gif Peru Gala-Net
image:Venezuela.gif Venezuela Gala-Net


  • 1st Winner : $70,000
Cash prize ($50,000) + gStar tour ($20,000) / New In-game Item
  • 2nd Winner : $20,000
"Cash prize ($20,000) / New In-game Item
  • 3rd Winner : $10,000
Cash prize ($10,000) / New In-game Item

Participation prize : Flyff logo T-shirts for Participants

Note: In-game Items, Rewards can be changed by team's ranking.

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