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All skills have a maximum skill level of 5 and require 4 skill points per level of the skill.

Skill Weapon Level Pre-Skill Type Description Max Effect Bonus
image:Templar Templar's Call.png Templar's Call 2 or 1 Handed Sword 130 None image:Normalskill.gif Drag a target enemy to you. Need info
image:Templar Sky Splitter.png Sky Splitter 2 or 1 Handed Sword 130 None image:Normalskill.gif A powerful downward slash. Need info
image:Templar Maelstrom Strike.png Maelstrom Strike 2 Handed Axe 130 None image:Normalskill.gif A devestating circular attack that will harm all nearby enemies. Has a small chance to stun targets for 2 seconds. Need info
image:Templar Shield Bash.png Shield Bash Shield 130 None image:Normalskill.gif Attack your target with your shield. This attack has a chance to stunning your enemy. Need info
image:Templar Heart of the Tower.png Heart of the Tower 2 or 1 Handed Sword 130 None image:Normalskill.gif Increase your defense against magic for 300 seconds. The amount of defense will be raised in relation to the amount of Skill Points used. Def +700
image:Templar Dead Man's Lure.png Dead Man's Lure None 130 None image:Normalskill.gif This ability will increase the likely hood that the target creature will focus its attacks on you. This skill will only take effect inside of dungeons. Need info
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