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Feed Bag
To hatch an egg and to level a pet you are required to have pet feed. Your egg will not hatch if you don't feed it. Your pet will die if you don't feed it.
Here is a table with the values of feed per quest item.
Image:Pet Feed.PNG Image:Pet PetFeed.PNG
Pet Revival
Exchange for Scroll of Pet Revival pieces
Bring him three living pets(must be same class), He will give you 3 pieces of scroll. (Donated living pets must be class S, A or B.)
Exchange for Scroll of Pet Revival
Take these 3 pieces of scroll and exchange them for a Scroll of Revival of the same class. You may also purchase these scrolls in the cash shop when available.
Image:pet scrolls.png Image:Pet dialogue.png
Egg Change
It is now possible to exchange 10 eggs for a pet. Outcome is random and if it fails you get Pet Feed.
Remove a Pick-up Pet Blessing
Removes the awakened traits of your pickup pet.
Cancel Pet Name Change
Removes the applied name of your pet.
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