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Shop Inventory


Item Info. Req. Lv. Price (in Penya)
Image:Blinkwing.gif Town Blinkwing Teleport to the nearest town. None 200
Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Flaris Teleport to Flaris. None 500
Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Saint Morning Teleport to Saint Morning. None 800
Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Darkon Teleport to Darkon. 15 800

Class Goods

Item Info. Req. Job Req. Lv. Price (in Penya)
Image:Arrow.gif Arrows A quiver of arrows. Acrobat 15 1
Image:Skillposter.jpg Skill Poster Needed to use certain Billposter skills. Billposter 60 50
Image:Blessposter.jpg Bless Poster Needed to use certain Ringmaster skills. Ringmaster 60 50

Magic Tools

Item Info. Price (in Penya)
Image:Firstrefresher.jpg First Refresher Recover 25 MP. 28
Image:Secondrefresher.jpg Second Refresher Recover 50 MP. 46
Image:Thirdrefresher.jpg Third Refresher Recover 75 MP. 73
Image:Fourthrefresher.jpg Fourth Refresher Recover 100 MP. 90
Image:Fifthrefresher.jpg Fifth Refresher Recover 125 MP. 106
Image:Vitaldrink100.jpg VitalDrink 100 Recover 30 FP. 108
Image:Vitaldrink200.jpg VitalDrink 200 Recover 60 FP. 129
Image:Vitaldrink300.jpg VitalDrink 300 Recover 90 FP. 145
Image:Vitaldrink400.jpg VitalDrink 400 Recover 120 FP. 165
Image:Vitaldrink500.jpg VitalDrink 500 Recover 150 FP. 172
Image:GoldPill.gif Gold Pill Recover 9,999 HP. 50,000
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