Special Weapons

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Here you will find weapons that are not in the regular weapons. These weapons are for levels 1+ and have no specific class thus for Vagrants and up. They may be upgraded, they may be Pierced and Elemented

Level Icon Name Attack min-max Added bonus
1 Image:BloodRedUmbrella.gif Blood Red Umbrella 1-1 none
1 Image:Chainsaw.png Chainsaw 1-1 Hit Rate+100%
1 Image:Heart Stone.png Heart Stone 1-1 none
1 Image:Bruce Lee Fist.png Bruce Lee Fist 1-1 Additional Damage+10
1 Image:Police Club.png Police Club 1-1 none
1 Image:BambooStick.png Bamboo Stick 1-1 none
1 Image:Moldy Wooden Sword.png Moldy Wooden Sword 1-1 none
1 Image:PinkParasol.png Pink Parasol 1-1 none
1 Image:Velvet Apple.png Velvet Apple 1-1 none
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