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Small Mushpoie

Small Mushpoie Pronounced sm-all moosh-poy

Locating Small Mushpoie

Small Mushpoie
He appears only when summoned by Mushmoot.

Small Mushpoie Statistics

Name Lvl Hp Def M Def Str Sta Dex Int Atk Exp Class Ele
Small Mushpoie 36 6,309 48 35 15 20 83 71 287 ~ 303 100 Normal Image:Water.gif

Fighting Style

Small Mushpoie's Capabilities
Atk Spd: 1s Spells:
Atk Delay: 3.5s Poison No
Melee Attack - Distance: Yes Poison sting No
Ranged Attack - Distance: Yes Stun No
AOE Area of Attack - Distance: No Stun Group No
Rage: No Root No
Spawns lesser monsters: No Bleeding No
Fighting Distance: Close Up Disenchant No
Recovers HP: No Earthquake No
Run Speed: normal Electric Shock No
Runs Away Low HP: No Pulling No
Silence No

Available Quests

Quests that involve this masquerpet


Quest Item:

0 ~ 0

Fish Soup VitalDrink 400 Fifth Refresher
Layered Set pieces Miracle Set pieces Sayram Set pieces Talin Set pieces
Merr Set pieces Sorain Set pieces Comet Set pieces Cylos Set pieces
Bow of Spirit Crest Axe Dazzle Wand Elemental Axe
Flaming Stick Iron of Clockworks Papanew Staff Papang Stick
Prenil Knuckle Saint Guardian Stick Steel Knuckle Wand of Earthquake
Wheel of Wheelem Zirkan Sword
Fury Shield

Vigor Ring Gore Necklace Plug Earring
Intelli Ring Mental Necklace Demol Earring
Stam Ring Peision Necklace
Arek Ring
Upgrade Material:

Elemental Cards Suit Socket Cards (2%)~(4%) Weapon Socket Cards (D)~(B)
Sunstone Moonstone
Antidote Potion


A player, level 36 would need to kill 1286 Small Mushpoie to gain next level.

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