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Image:Acrobat Aimed Shot2.gif
Acrobat's Aimed Shot
Image:Acrobat Arrow Rain2.gif
Acrobat's Arrow Rain
Image:Acrobat Auto Shot2.gif
Acrobat's Auto Shot
Image:Acrobat Bow Mastery2.gif
Acrobat's Bow Mastery
Image:Acrobat Counter Attack2.gif
Acrobat's Counter Attack
Image:Acrobat Cross Line2.gif
Acrobat's Cross Line
Image:Acrobat Dark Illusion2.gif
Acrobat's Dark Illusion
Image:Acrobat Deadly swing2.gif
Acrobat's Deadly swing
Image:Acrobat Fast Walker2.gif
Acrobat's Fast Walker
Image:Acrobat Perfect Block2.gif
Acrobat's Perfect Block
Image:Acrobat Pulling2.gif
Acrobat's Pulling
Image:Acrobat Rapid Shot2.gif
Acrobat's Rapid Shot
Image:Acrobat Rapid Shot2.gif
Acrobat's Rapid Shot
Image:Acrobat Silent Shot2.gif
Acrobat's Silent Shot
Image:Acrobat Slow Step2.gif
Acrobat's Slow Step
Image:Acrobat Snatch2.gif
Acrobat's Snatch
Image:Acrobat Yo-Yo mastery2.gif
Acrobat's Yo-Yo mastery
Image:Arcanist Astral Moon2.gif
Arcanist's Astral Moon
Image:Arcanist Echoes of the Weary2.gif
Arcanist's Echoes of the Weary
Image:Arcanist EVA Storm2.gif
Arcanist's EVA Storm
Image:Arcanist Spectral Javelin2.gif
Arcanist's Spectral Javelin
Image:Assist Accuracy2.gif
Assist's Accuracy
Image:Assist Beef Up2.gif
Assist's Beef Up
Image:Assist Burst Crack2.gif
Assist's Burst Crack
Image:Assist Cannon Ball2.gif
Assist's Cannon Ball
Image:Assist Cat's Reflex2.gif
Assist's Cat's Reflex
Image:Assist Circle Healing2.gif
Assist's Circle Healing
Image:Assist Haste2.gif
Assist's Haste
Image:Assist Heal2.gif
Assist's Heal
Image:Assist Heap Up2.gif
Assist's Heap Up
Image:Assist Mental Sign2.gif
Assist's Mental Sign
Image:Assist Patience2.gif
Assist's Patience
Image:Assist Power Fist2.gif
Assist's Power Fist
Image:Assist Prevention2.gif
Assist's Prevention
Image:Assist Quick Step2.gif
Assist's Quick Step
Image:Assist Resurrection2.gif
Assist's Resurrection
Image:Assist Stonehand2.gif
Assist's Stonehand
Image:Assist Straight Punch2.gif
Assist's Straight Punch
Image:Billposter Asalraalaikum2.gif
Billposter's Asalraalaikum
Image:Billposter Asmodeus2.gif
Billposter's Asmodeus
Image:Billposter Baraqijal Esna2.gif
Billposter's Baraqijal Esna
Image:Billposter Belial Smashing2.gif
Billposter's Belial Smashing
Image:Billposter Bgvur Tialbold2.gif
Billposter's Bgvur Tialbold
Image:Billposter Blood Fist2.gif
Billposter's Blood Fist
Image:Billposter Disenchant2.gif
Billposter's Disenchant
Image:Billposter Piercing Serpent2.gif
Billposter's Piercing Serpent
Image:Billposter Sonichand2.gif
Billposter's Sonichand
Image:Billposter Special Knuckle Mastery2.gif
Billposter's Special Knuckle Mastery
Image:Blade Armor Penetrate2.gif
Blade's Armor Penetrate
Image:Blade Berserk2.gif
Blade's Berserk
Image:Blade Blade Dance2.gif
Blade's Blade Dance
Image:Blade Cross Strike2.gif
Blade's Cross Strike
Image:Blade Hawk Attack2.gif
Blade's Hawk Attack
Image:Blade Silent Strike2.gif
Blade's Silent Strike
Image:Blade Sonic Blade2.gif
Blade's Sonic Blade
Image:Blade Special One-handed Mastery2.gif
Blade's Special One-handed Mastery
Image:Blade Spring Attack2.gif
Blade's Spring Attack
Image:Blade Ultimate Defense2.gif
Blade's Ultimate Defense
Image:Crackshooter Condor Dive2.gif
Crackshooter's Condor Dive
Image:Crackshooter Devastating Sting2.gif
Crackshooter's Devastating Sting
Image:Crackshooter Farsight2.gif
Crackshooter's Farsight
Image:Crackshooter Spirit of the Hawk2.gif
Crackshooter's Spirit of the Hawk
Image:Elementor Blizzard2.gif
Elementor's Blizzard
Image:Elementor Burningfield2.gif
Elementor's Burningfield
Image:Elementor Cursed Mind2.gif
Elementor's Cursed Mind
Image:Elementor Earth Master2.gif
Elementor's Earth Master
Image:Elementor Earthquake2.gif
Elementor's Earthquake
Image:Elementor Electric Shock2.gif
Elementor's Electric Shock
Image:Elementor Fire Master2.gif
Elementor's Fire Master
Image:Elementor Firebird2.gif
Elementor's Firebird
Image:Elementor Iceshark2.gif
Elementor's Iceshark
Image:Elementor Lightingstorm2.gif
Elementor's Lightingstorm
Image:Elementor Lightning Mastery2.gif
Elementor's Lightning Mastery
Image:Elementor Lightning Strike2.gif
Elementor's Lightning Strike
Image:Elementor Meteo Shower2.gif
Elementor's Meteo Shower
Image:Elementor Poison Cloud2.gif
Elementor's Poison Cloud
Image:Elementor Sandstorm2.gif
Elementor's Sandstorm
Image:Elementor Special INT Mastery2.gif
Elementor's Special INT Mastery
Image:Elementor Stone Spear2.gif
Elementor's Stone Spear
Image:Elementor Void2.gif
Elementor's Void
Image:Elementor Water Master2.gif
Elementor's Water Master
Image:Elementor Wind Master2.gif
Elementor's Wind Master
Image:Elementor Windfield2.gif
Elementor's Windfield
Image:Force Master Bubbles Blessing2.gif
Force Master's Bubbles Blessing
Image:Force Master Ire of Ibilis2.gif
Force Master's Ire of Ibilis
Image:Force Master Shades Calamity2.gif
Force Master's Shades Calamity
Image:Force Master Touch of Rhisis2.gif
Force Master's Touch of Rhisis
Image:Harlequin Harlequin's Greeting2.gif
Harlequin's Harlequin's Greeting
Image:Harlequin Minds Eye2.gif
Harlequin's Minds Eye
Image:Harlequin Pandemonium2.gif
Harlequin's Pandemonium
Image:Harlequin Whisper Dodge2.gif
Harlequin's Whisper Dodge
Image:Jester Critical Swing2.gif
Jester's Critical Swing
Image:Jester Enchant Absorb2.gif
Jester's Enchant Absorb
Image:Jester Enchant Blood2.gif
Jester's Enchant Blood
Image:Jester Enchant Poison2.gif
Jester's Enchant Poison
Image:Jester Escape2.gif
Jester's Escape
Image:Jester Penya Strike2.gif
Jester's Penya Strike
Image:Jester Silence2.gif
Jester's Silence
Image:Jester Sneak Stab2.gif
Jester's Sneak Stab
Image:Jester Special Yo-Yo Mastery2.gif
Jester's Special Yo-Yo Mastery
Image:Jester Vital stab2.gif
Jester's Vital stab
Image:Knight Charge2.gif
Knight's Charge
Image:Knight Drawing2.gif
Knight's Drawing
Image:Knight Earth Divider2.gif
Knight's Earth Divider
Image:Knight Guard2.gif
Knight's Guard
Image:Knight Pain Dealer2.gif
Knight's Pain Dealer
Image:Knight Pain Reflection2.gif
Knight's Pain Reflection
Image:Knight Power Stomp2.gif
Knight's Power Stomp
Image:Knight Power Swing2.gif
Knight's Power Swing
Image:Knight Rage2.gif
Knight's Rage
Image:Knight Special Two-handed Mastery2.gif
Knight's Special Two-handed Mastery
Image:Magician Blinkpool2.gif
Magician's Blinkpool
Image:Magician Fire Strike2.gif
Magician's Fire Strike
Image:Magician Flame Ball2.gif
Magician's Flame Ball
Image:Magician Flame Geyser2.gif
Magician's Flame Geyser
Image:Magician Ice Missile2.gif
Magician's Ice Missile
Image:Magician Lighting Ram2.gif
Magician's Lighting Ram
Image:Magician Lighting Shock2.gif
Magician's Lighting Shock
Image:Magician Mental Strike2.gif
Magician's Mental Strike
Image:Magician Rock Crash2.gif
Magician's Rock Crash
Image:Magician Rooting2.gif
Magician's Rooting
Image:Magician Static Ball2.gif
Magician's Static Ball
Image:Magician Stone Spike2.gif
Magician's Stone Spike
Image:Magician Strongwind2.gif
Magician's Strongwind
Image:Magician Swordwind2.gif
Magician's Swordwind
Image:Magician Water Well2.gif
Magician's Water Well
Image:Magician Waterball2.gif
Magician's Waterball
Image:Magician Wind Cutter2.gif
Magician's Wind Cutter
Image:Mentalist Aether Grasp2.gif
Mentalist's Aether Grasp
Image:Mentalist Cimetiere's Scream2.gif
Mentalist's Cimetiere's Scream
Image:Mentalist Kriminel's Hand2.gif
Mentalist's Kriminel's Hand
Image:Mentalist Laughter of La Croix2.gif
Mentalist's Laughter of La Croix
Image:Mentalist Samedi's Embrace2.gif
Mentalist's Samedi's Embrace
Image:Mercenary Axe Mastery2.gif
Mercenary's Axe Mastery
Image:Mercenary Blazing Sword2.gif
Mercenary's Blazing Sword
Image:Mercenary Blindside2.gif
Mercenary's Blindside
Image:Mercenary Bloody Strike2.gif
Mercenary's Bloody Strike
Image:Mercenary Empower Weapon2.gif
Mercenary's Empower Weapon
Image:Mercenary Guillotine2.gif
Mercenary's Guillotine
Image:Mercenary Hit Reflect2.gif
Mercenary's Hit Reflect
Image:Mercenary Keenwheel2.gif
Mercenary's Keenwheel
Image:Mercenary Pan Barrier2.gif
Mercenary's Pan Barrier
Image:Mercenary Protection2.gif
Mercenary's Protection
Image:Mercenary Slash2.gif
Mercenary's Slash
Image:Mercenary Smite Axe2.gif
Mercenary's Smite Axe
Image:Mercenary Sneaker2.gif
Mercenary's Sneaker
Image:Mercenary Special Hit2.gif
Mercenary's Special Hit
Image:Mercenary Sword Mastery2.gif
Mercenary's Sword Mastery
Image:Psykeeper Crucio Spell2.gif
Psykeeper's Crucio Spell
Image:Psykeeper Demonology2.gif
Psykeeper's Demonology
Image:Psykeeper Maximum Crisis2.gif
Psykeeper's Maximum Crisis
Image:Psykeeper Psychic Bomb2.gif
Psykeeper's Psychic Bomb
Image:Psykeeper Psychic Square2.gif
Psykeeper's Psychic Square
Image:Psykeeper Psychic Wall2.gif
Psykeeper's Psychic Wall
Image:Psykeeper Satanology2.gif
Psykeeper's Satanology
Image:Psykeeper Special INT Mastery2.gif
Psykeeper's Special INT Mastery
Image:Psykeeper Spirit Bomb2.gif
Psykeeper's Spirit Bomb
Image:Psykeeper Stone Feet2.gif
Psykeeper's Stone Feet
Image:Ranger Eye of the Hawk2.gif
Ranger's Eye of the Hawk
Image:Ranger Fast Shot2.gif
Ranger's Fast Shot
Image:Ranger Flame Arrow2.gif
Ranger's Flame Arrow
Image:Ranger Ice Arrow2.gif
Ranger's Ice Arrow
Image:Ranger Nature2.gif
Ranger's Nature
Image:Ranger Piercing Arrow2.gif
Ranger's Piercing Arrow
Image:Ranger Poison Arrow2.gif
Ranger's Poison Arrow
Image:Ranger Silent Arrow2.gif
Ranger's Silent Arrow
Image:Ranger Special Bow Mastery2.gif
Ranger's Special Bow Mastery
Image:Ranger Triple Shot2.gif
Ranger's Triple Shot
Image:Ringmaster Blessing of the Wise Man.2.gif
Ringmaster's Blessing of the Wise Man.
Image:Ringmaster Geburah Tiphreth2.gif
Ringmaster's Geburah Tiphreth
Image:Ringmaster Gvur Tialla2.gif
Ringmaster's Gvur Tialla
Image:Ringmaster Heal Rain2.gif
Ringmaster's Heal Rain
Image:Ringmaster Holycross2.gif
Ringmaster's Holycross
Image:Ringmaster Holyguard2.gif
Ringmaster's Holyguard
Image:Ringmaster Merkaba Hanzelrusha2.gif
Ringmaster's Merkaba Hanzelrusha
Image:Ringmaster Protect2.gif
Ringmaster's Protect
Image:Ringmaster Return2.gif
Ringmaster's Return
Image:Ringmaster Spirit Fortune2.gif
Ringmaster's Spirit Fortune
Image:Seraph Breath of Life2.gif
Seraph's Breath of Life
Image:Seraph Divine Prosperity2.gif
Seraph's Divine Prosperity
Image:Seraph Heavens Step2.gif
Seraph's Heavens Step
Image:Seraph Priest's Grasp2.gif
Seraph's Priest's Grasp
Image:Seraph Raiment of  Rhisis2.gif
Seraph's Raiment of Rhisis
Image:Seraph Soul of Rhisis2.gif
Seraph's Soul of Rhisis
Image:Slayer Blessing of War2.gif
Slayer's Blessing of War
Image:Slayer Cross of Blood2.gif
Slayer's Cross of Blood
Image:Slayer Deadly X2.gif
Slayer's Deadly X
Image:Slayer First Blood2.gif
Slayer's First Blood
Image:Templar Dead Man's Lure2.gif
Templar's Dead Man's Lure
Image:Templar Heart of the Tower2.gif
Templar's Heart of the Tower
Image:Templar Maelstrom Strike2.gif
Templar's Maelstrom Strike
Image:Templar Shield Bash2.gif
Templar's Shield Bash
Image:Templar Sky Splitter2.gif
Templar's Sky Splitter
Image:Templar Templar's Call2.gif
Templar's Templar's Call
Image:Vagrant Clean Hit2.gif
Vagrant's Clean Hit
Image:Vagrant Flurry2.gif
Vagrant's Flurry
Image:Vagrant Over Cut2.gif
Vagrant's Over Cut
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