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The Beginning

On 25 December 2005 Flyff was released in NA. The game started with 8 servers: Lawolf, Aibatt, Mushpoie, Mia, Clockworks, Glaphan, Kern and Demian.

In December 2006 the German servers were launched. There were 5 servers: Burudeng, Steamwalkers, Luia, Risem and Augu.

With the succes of the earlier servers a French server was launched, Genèse, on 30 August 2007. Which got accompanied by Aurore on 30 November 2007, Sérénité on 10 June 2008 and Destinée on 17 February 2009.

Merge 2011

The Flyff servers have been merged and renamed. The French servers Genèse, Aurore and Destinée were merged into one server named Illustre on 15 December 2011. This server became a full PK server. The server Sérénité renamed to Harmonie and a new server named Odyssée was added.

On June 8 2011 the merge was done in a 20 hrs maintenance for the US servers. The PK server Demian was not merged, it was simply renamed. There were also a new servers added. The forum was polled to acquire their new names. The following names were adopted.

The German servers had also some changed. A new server joined named Hydros. Steamwalker, Luia and Risem been merged into one server named Devos. The servers Augu and Burudeng been fused into Murano.

Pre Merge Genèse Aurore Destinée Sérénité
New Names Odyssée Illustre (PK server) Harmonie
Channels 4 4 4

Pre Merge Lawolf Aibatt Mushpoie Mia Clockworks Glaphan Kern Demian
New Names Mocomochi Tanuki Lykan Kargo Yetti (PK server)
Channels 2 4 4 4 2

Pre Merge Steamwalker Luia Risem Augu Burudeng
New Names Hydros (PK server) Devos Murano
Channels 4 4 4

Merge 2013

On 23 May 2013 the French servers were merged. Harmonie and Odyssée been merged into Euphoria. This server has 2 PK channels and 2 non-PK channels.

Pre Merge Harmonie Odyssée Illustre
New Names Euphoria Illustre (PK server)
Channels 4 (Ch. 1 and 2 PK) 4

EN Servers

On 2 December 2014 Webzen introduced the EN server, named Clockworks. Which got accompanied by Meteonyker on 6 December 2016.

Current Names Clockworks Meteonyker
Channels 4 (Ch. 3 PK ) 4 (Ch. 3 PK )

Merge 2019

On February 26 2019 another merge was done during the maintenance maintenance. The servers Yetti and Kargo been merged in Lykan. Lykan has now 2 normal channels and 1 PK channel. In a later process all US servers should be merged into one server, the same for the EU, FR and DE servers.

Pre Merge Mocomochi Tanuki Lykan Kargo Yetti (PK server)
Current Names Mocomochi Tanuki Lykan (Ch. 3 PK )
Channels 2 3 3

On 7 May 2019 the FR and EU servers were merged together, as well as 2 DE servers.

Pre Merge Meteonyker Clockworks
Current Names Clockworks
Channels 4 (Ch. 4 PK )

Pre Merge Euphoria Illustre
Current Names Mahtolle
Channels 4 (Ch. 4 PK )

Pre Merge Hydros Murano Devos
Current Names Murano Devos
Channels 4 (Ch. 4 PK ) 4

On 12 November 2019 the last merge was completed. All US server are together in Aibatt and the two German servers are now together in Yggdrasil.

Pre Merge Mocomochi Tanuki Lykan
Current Names Aibatt (Ch. 4 PK )
Channels 4

Pre Merge Murano Devos
Current Names Yggdrasil
Channels 4 (Ch. 4 PK )
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