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image:Secret drop banner.jpg

Breaking news: Monsters are going crazy!

Our Madrigal Rangers reported a strange new behavior in the wildlife.

They monitored hundreds of different species during the last 48 hours and confirmed their initial observations: all monsters have been acting very strangely lately...

"Never seen that many drops!"

The mayor of Flarine swiftly dispatched a team of biologists and veterinarians to try to understand this new behaviour.

After a couple of tests and exams, they think the source of the issue has been found.

Dr. Aibo testifies: I've never seen that many drops! We started by analyzing the food, but it led to a dead end.

The young apprentice Bonoob got the feeling that an hormonal disturbance might be responsible.

I've noticed the same with my oldest brother, he said. He always offers roses and stuff like that to impress girls... This reminds me of the recent changes observed in the Madrigalian monsters. Except they are more successful than my brother... The latest report confirms this trend; for some reason the monsters are charming someone, or something.

"They want to seduce their beloved goddess Shade!"

Hugo McGergantes, Dr. in the Darken Hospital institute, believes that nothing could influence the monsters in that way except... a divinity. It is highly likely they are trying to seduce Shade, but the reasons behind this new change remain unclear.

Flarine - Madrigal, October the 4th of 2013

Maybe they won't seduce Shade, but they will certainly seduce YOU! From Friday the 4th of October until Sunday the 3rd of November, all monsters in Madrigal will drop over 200 different items!

That's not all! Every day their drops will change!

What could they be dropping?

Based on Ranger reports, we've observed:

Secret drop List

Maybe YOU will be the one collecting the most S card Random Boxes!

The wider variety of monsters you hunt, the more rewards you'll receive!

Don't waste any second and travel the world to find these secret drops!

Enjoy the hunt!

Image:double exp event banner.jpg

Coming this weekend The Double EXP and drop Event!

From the 04th of October to the 06th of October (23:59 - PDT+0), every Madrigalians from Tanuki, Lykan, Kargo and Mocomochi will benefit from an EXP x2 and the server Yetti will benefit from an EXP x3 (instead of the current EXP x2) and all servers will receive a drop x2 !

Don't miss the opportunity to level up!

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