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8 Wins: [[Baby Luia]] x1<br>
8 Wins: [[Baby Luia]] x1<br>
9 Wins: [[Hera Hoverbike]] x1<br>
9 Wins: [[Hera Hoverbike]] x1<br>
10 Wins: [[Dragon Cloak]] 1 x1<br>
10 Wins: [[Dragon Cloak of the Initiate]] 1 x1<br>
Good luck. You'll need it!</center>
Good luck. You'll need it!</center>

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Starting NPC

Mayor of Flarine Location
Mayor of Flarine Image:NPCMayor of Flarine2.jpg

This event consists of collecting 5 pumpkins from any monster and then talking to the Mayor of Flarine.

Select Rock Paper Scissors from the dialogue menu. This window will appear

Image:exchange window.png

Next select the text in the bottom window by clicking on it and then press OK button

Once you have your coupon go see Naughty Demian

Starting NPC

Naughty Demian Location
Naughty Demian Image:NPCNaughty Demian2.jpg

When you click on him this dialogue will open. Select ok for the game to begin.

Image:demian dialogue.png



The game is quite easy. Simply select your choice of hand sign by pressing one of the arrows. Then press ok. As long as you win you use the same coupon. If you lose you will need a new coupon to try again

Image:hand beats hand.png

Here are the winning stats. "Rock beats Scissors beats Paper beats Rock" and so on and so forth.

Now for the Prizes

Here are the possible rewards for consecutive wins:

1 Win: Mysterious Pill x10
2 Wins: Scroll of Velocity x3
3 Wins: Grilled Eel x2
4 Wins: Event Sunstone x3
5 Wins: Event Sunstone x5
6 Wins: Event Sunstone x9
7 Wins: Event Sunstone x17
8 Wins: Baby Luia x1
9 Wins: Hera Hoverbike x1
10 Wins: Dragon Cloak of the Initiate 1 x1


Good luck. You'll need it!
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