Premium Non-Gender Hair

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Premium Hairs may be acquired in different ways. Some are in gift boxes and some are sold in Cash Shop. Most are available in player shops if you are lucky enough to find them.

Premium Hair

Regular Hair

image:Star Hair Band3.png
image:Star Hair Band.pngStar Hair Band info
Image:Mushroom Hat3.png
image:Mushroom Hat.pngMushroom Hat info
Image:Devil Hairband3.png
image:Devil Hairband.pngDevil Hairband info
Image:Angel Hairband3.png
image:Angel Hairband.pngAngel Hairband info

Statted Hair

image:Star Hair Band 20153.png
image:Star Hair Band 2015.pngStar Hair Band 2015 info
image:Special Star Hairband3.png
image:Special Star Hairband.pngSpecial Star Hairband info
image:Luxury Hairband3.png
image:Luxury Hairband.pngLuxury Hairband info
image:Lovely Ribbon3.png
image:Lovely Ribbon.pngLovely Ribbon info
image:Yellow Chameleon Cap3.png
image:Yellow Chameleon Cap.pngYellow Chameleon Cap info
image:Red Chameleon Cap3.png
image:Red Chameleon Cap.pngRed Chameleon Cap info
image:Blue Chameleon Cap3.png
image:Blue Chameleon Cap.pngBlue Chameleon Cap info
image:Green Chameleon Cap3.png
image:Green Chameleon Cap.pngGreen Chameleon Cap info
image:Pumpkin Mask3.png
image:Pumpkin Mask.pngPumpkin Mask info
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