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$15 gPotato Pre-Paid Card
$15 gPotato Pre-Paid Card
$30 gPotato Pre-Paid Card
$30 gPotato Pre-Paid Card


Where can I buy the cards?

Where in Target can I find the cards?

  • It varies store to store. As a general rule of thumb the cards are close to electronics. It is recommended you ask the closest Target Team Member for directions.

Are they available internationally?

  • For now the cards are only sold in the USA and must be redeemed in the USA as well.

How do I redeem my card to get my gPotatoes?

  • Gently scratch the back of the card to reveal the card pin number
  • Open your web browswer
  • Go to
  • Highlight "My Account" and then "Payment Option"
  • Select "Redeem Prepaid Card" and follow the card redemption instructions on the website

Why Couldn't I just write down the pin numbers on the cards and take them home without paying for them?

  • The card must be scratched to reveal the PIN number. Also, the PIN number is not activated and the card has no value until activated at the register.

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