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Continent: Flaris

Area: Flaris Observatory.

No Quests Available

Noier is an NPC that used to be active in the old Scenario Quests back in V5.

Noier is a well known astronomer through out the land of Madrigal. With an immense fascination of the sky, he built Madrigals very first observatory in the Leren Mountains so that he could observe and study the stars better than he ever had hoped to accomplish.
He is growing old however, and without an apprentice to take his place, the observatory would be left to rot long after he's moved on. A well known family in Flarine however, decided to leave him in charge of their only son so that he could grow strong and used to solitude. Seeing a grand opportunity in this, he gleefully accepted and spends days with the young man so that he learns everything there is to know about the world around him.


World Quote:

  • "Looks like the weather today is going to be mostly sunny with a small chance of showers!"


  • "Safe travels! Stop by if you need to check on the weather!"

Who are you?:

  • "Now that we've built this observatory, we can forecast the weather! I spent a long time building it, but it was certainly worth it. Are you interested in Astrology, young one?"


  • "That's a question I don't get asked often. Although, that may be because I don't get many visitors. My name is Noie Hedltern. I built this observatory and I manage it's day-to-day maintenance."


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