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Starting NPC

Loyah Location
Loyah Image:NPCLoyah2.jpg

New Puppy Yorrn

Quest Starting Location: Food Shop
Quest : New Puppy Yorrn
NPC : Loyah
Quest Requirement : Level 5
Objective : Travel to the middle of Leren Mountains, near the Grownup Lawolfs. Find Losha's lost puppy, and return to Loyah. The puppy is a scroll on the ground under the last tree.

Scroll of Puppy
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Reward: 15000 penya

Quest Text:

"Excuse me, can I talk to you for a moment? The pretty lady beside me is Losha, my elder sister. I am her younger sister, Loyah. My sister has very cute puppy, but unfortunately, he's gone missing! She originally found the puppy up in the mountains. When she first saw the puppy, it was cold and starving. So she brought it home and took care of it, but suddenly it disappeared one day. Since then, my sister has been looking everywhere for the puppy. She doesn't eat or drink or sleep. Would you please help my sister find her lost puppy?"

Accepting Quest Text:

"Great! She found the puppy somewhere in the middle of Leren Mountains where the Grownup Lawolfs live. Maybe the puppy is trying to find it's way home?"

Denying Quest Text:

"How could you refuse the request from a lady? You have no social manners! Have you no shame?!"

During Quest Text:

"Have you found Yorrn? No? Well, please keep looking! I'm worried about my sister!"

Completed Quest Text:

"Yorrn! Where did you find him? In the mountains!? I knew it!! He was probably trying to find his way home! Welcome back, Yorrn!"

Next Stage in Quest

  • Quest Complete

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