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Starting NPC

(Event) Nightmare Flami Location
(Event) Nightmare Flami Image:NPCNightmare Flami2.jpg

Milky Way Guitar

Quest Starting Location: Central Flarine
Quest : Milky Way Guitar
NPC : (Event) Nightmare Flami
Quest Requirement : Level 15~129 Job: VAGRANT ~ HERO
Objective : Hunt Masquerpets throughout Madrigal and find Flami a new guitar.

  • Note: Drops from masquerpets lvl 15+
Flami's Guitar
Image:Flami's Guitar.png


Galaxy Guitar
Image:Galaxy Guitar.png

Quest Text:

"Why did I smash my guitar?! Ugh I was too excited. Hey there! If you want to hear more music, then, get me a new guitar! Go hunt some masquerpets and see if you can find it!"

Accepting Quest Text:

"Alrighty there hero, go hunt some nasty masquerpets and find me my guitar! Hunt some masquerpets till you find it!"

Denying Quest Text:

"I knew it! I bet you don't have any talent or taste for music. Hmph!"

During Quest Text:

"Hahhaha, get out of my face! You don't deserve to hear my soulful, blissful music."

Completed Quest Text:

"Music sounds better with Madrigal Heroes around to listen to it."

Next Stage in Quest

  • None
  • Please Note: This quest can only be completed ONCE per a character !!!

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