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The Mentor and Pupil System was first intoduced in version 15 !!!

Mentor/Pupil tab
Mentor/Pupil tab


What is the Mentor and Pupil System?

The Mentor and Pupil System is a system that allows people to bond and help each other out. A high lvl player can choose to become a Mentor and get a Pupil to help him/her lvl. That's basically the system, however as a Mentor you want to be active for your Pupil and help out by answering questions or giving information when the Pupil asks for it.

Once there is a bond between a Mentor and a Pupil there will be a special Mentor Buff that increases the exp of both players. They do have to be online on the same Cluster and same server in order to active that constant buff until either one (or both) will log out the game.

The Mentor will gain points from the Pupil every time it gets to a certain lvl. A Mentor can have 1 Pupil at the time until the Mentor has enough points to get 2 Pupils and lastly to get 3 Pupils at the same time when the earned points are high enough. Each Pupil can give a Mentor up to 5 points.

When the Pupil hits lvl 75, the bond between the Mentor and Pupil will be broken and the Mentor has room again for another Pupil. Just because the bond is broken doesn't mean that the player cannot help out the former Pupil, but that's between the 2 players itself to decide of course.

How do I become a Mentor or Pupil?

To become a Mentor:

  • Player must be lvl 91 or higher.
  • Player must complete a special quest from a new NPC in Darkon. Once completed, you are then qualified to be a Mentor.
  • (Mentor Quest) - Mentors of Madrigal

Note: This means lvl 91 normal or lvl 91 Master. From lvl 60-M to lvl 90-M you can't get this quest.

To become an Pupil

  • Players are eligible to become a Pupil at any level prior to the 2nd job change.
  • Right-clicking on a player will give you the option of asking that player to be your Mentor.

Bond icon when both players are logged on in game tab
Bond icon when both players are logged on in game tab

Points you gain per Pupil

You can get a total of 5 points per Pupil if the bond remains until the Pupil hits lvl 75.

You get:

  • 1 point once the Pupil is lvl 15.
  • 1 point once the Pupil is lvl 40.
  • 1 point once the Pupil is lvl 60.
  • 2 points when the Pupil is lvl 75.

Mentor Points and Pupils

Should a player have enough Mentor Points, they can have multiple pupils.

  1. Pupil: 0 - 40 Mentor Points
  2. Pupils: 41 - 100 Mentor Points
  3. Pupils: 101+ Mentor Points

The more pupils a player has, the better the Mentor Buff gets.


  1. Pupil Online: 3% increased EXP
  2. Pupil Online: 4% increased EXP
  3. Pupil Online: 5% increased EXP


  1. Mentor Online: 3% increased EXP

What does this mean? If the exp rate is normal, it's 100%. With 1 Pupil you'll get 103%, or your exp is x1.03.

Canceling a Mentor or Pupil Relationship

If the Mentor or Pupil isn't happy with the bond a.k.a. the relationship, they have the option to cancel it. Press E to open your Messenger and click on the Mentor/Pupil tab. Right click and you have the option to cancel. Only one of the 2 players have to do it. They do not need the others permission to cancel the bond.

If any of the two players will break the bond, they will lose points. So if a Pupil breaks the bond, he or she will lose the points. The points of the Mentor remains.

If the Mentor break the bond, he or she will lose the points and not the Pupil. If any of the players who break the bond will have a negative number at the points, then re-logging should solve that issue. You might need to re-log a few times.

If a Mentor has negative number with the points, then he or she cannot accept another Pupil until the points are at 0 again.

So choose wisely.

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