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image:Star_Pieces.pngMADRIGALAXY 2014 - LET'S FLY TO THE STARS!image:Star_Pieces.png

The beautiful blue-white star Vega has a special place in the hearts of many skywatchers.

While she's a celestial being, watching over all of you from the skies high above, Vega sometimes descends to Madrigal to celebrate with all the Madrigalians. But this time there was a small misunderstanding with the other stars in the sky...and they all followed her to Madrigal, so the sky is empty now! As Vega can only be happy with a sky full of sparkling stars, she needs your help to find all the other stars and bring them back to her, so she can send them back to the sky again!

Stars are tricky little beings though. They are attracted by shiny and glowing things, so they all fell to the Collector Fields in Madrigal and you'll have to collect them from there! Furthermore, they can only be stored in glass bottles, so Vega will ask you to bring her some as well!

Starting NPC

Vega Location
Vega Image:NPCVega2.jpg

Objective: Collect 5 Star Pieces (from Collector Fields) and 5 Glass Bottles (from monsters level 15+) and bring them to Vega. She will reward you with a Madrigalaxy Box 2014!

Star Pieces x5
Image:Star Pieces.png
Glass Bottles x5
Image:Glass Bottles.png


Madrigalaxy Box 2014
Image:Madrigalaxy Box 2014.png

This Quest is repeatable!

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