Lunar New Year

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Lunar New Year


All that you touch
All that you kill
All that you eat
All that you sell
Star, Staff or Stuff
All that is now
All that is gone
All that's to come
And everything under the sun is in tune
But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.
Cause today is the new year of the moon.

With her crystal voice, Losha was singing for the arrival of the Lunar New Year.
From the 23rd of January until the 13th of February, NPCs will celebrate the Lunar New Year with you!
How can you celebrate it?


Collect 10x image:FortunePouch.png Fortune Pouches from Monsters level 15+ and bring them to the New Year Correspondent (Next to the Mayor of Flaris).

She will exchange your Fortune Pouches for

image:Firecracker Box.png1x Happy New Year Firework Box (1 Day)


image: DefaultBox1.gif1x Lunar Gift Box which contains one of the following:

Lunar Gift Box
Reward Quantity
image:Cloak_of_the_Sea_God.png Cloak of the Sea God x1
image:DefaultBox1.gif Sul Bim (F) Set x1
image:DefaultBox1.gif Sul Bim (M) Set x1
image:GloryWingsGold.png Golden Glory Wings x1
image:GloryWingsSilver.png Silver Glory Wings x1
image:GloryWingsBronze.png Bronze Glory Wings x1
image: CuteBabyCat.png Cute Baby Cat x1
image:Mister Grizz.png Mister Grizz x1
image:Big Red.png Big Red x1
image:Activition.png Activition x3
image:UpcutStone.gif Upcut Stone x3
image:Refresher Hold.png Refresher Hold x3
image:VitaldrinkX.gif Vital Drink X x5
image:Remantis_Laccotte.png Remantis Laccotte x7

But that's not all!


From January 24th til January 26th you will receive double XP (triple on Yetti) and the drop chance has been doubled too!

Enjoy the Lunar New Year on Flyff!

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