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The Lord System

The best players in the world of Madrigal are eligible to be voted the Lord of their server for 2 weeks. A player who is elected Lord, will be granted unique and exclusive powers and privileges. Who will be the master of your domain?

Benefits of Being a Lord

A winning Lord is granted a unique array of powers, abilities, and equipment. They are detailed below.

  • Start your own event

As Lord, you can start an EXP or Item Drop event on your server. Make sure you pay the appropriate amount of penya to the NPC ‘Lord Manager’.

The table below shows how much money the lord must pay to run an event for 1 hour. These events can not be stacked, and a new one can not be started until the one currently running ends.

Prices in penya. (m = million / b = billion)
Exp. Rate


0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50%
0% 0 100m 200m 300m 400m 500m 600m 700m 800m 900m 1.0b
5% 300m 400m 500m 600m 700m 800m 900m 1.0b 1.1b 1.2b 1.3b
10% 600m 700m 800m 900m 1.0b 1.1b 1.2b 1.3b 1.4b 1.5b 1.6b
15% 900m 1.0b 1.1b 1.2b 1.3b 1.4b 1.5b 1.6b 1.7b 1.8b 1.9b
20% 1.2b 1.3b 1.4b 1.5b 1.6b 1.7b 1.8b 1.9b 2.0b 2.1b 2.2b
25% 1.5b 1.6b 1.7b 1.8b 1.9b 2.0b 2.1b 2.2b 2.3b 2.4b 2.5b
30% 1.8b 1.9b 2.0b 2.1b 2.2b 2.3b 2.4b 2.5b 2.6b 2.7b 2.8b
35% 2.1b 2.2b 2.3b 2.4b 2.5b 2.6b 2.7b 2.8b 2.9b 3.0b 3.1b
40% 2.4b 2.5b 2.6b 2.7b 2.8b 2.9b 3.0b 3.1b 3.2b 3.3b 3.4b
45% 2.7b 2.8b 2.9b 3.0b 3.1b 3.2b 3.3b 3.4b 3.5b 3.6b 3.7b
50% 3.0b 3.1b 3.2b 3.3b 3.4b 3.5b 3.6b 3.7b 3.8b 3.9b 4.0b

  • Get money

The Lord receives 45% of all collected taxes everyday by mail. The tax collected is from NPC shops tax, and entrance fees collected from the 'Forsaken Tower'.

Exclusive Skills

Skill Description/Effect Target Cooldown
image:LordsCheer.png Lord's Cheer Increases Exp and Drop Rate by 10% for 60 minutes Single/Self 60 minutes
image:LordsBlessing.png Lord's Blessing Increases Attack and Defense by 10% for 60 minutes Single/Self 60 minutes
image:LordsLove.png Lord's Love Increases all stats by 15 for 60 minutes Single/Self 60 minutes
image:LordsShout.png Lord's Shout The Lord's shout text is colored green for 60 minutes. Self 60 minutes
image:LordsAnger.png Lord's Anger Silences a player from talking for 60 minutes Single 120 minutes
image:LordsCall.png Lord's Call Instantly summons the specified player to the Lord 60 minutes
image:LordsTeleport.png Lord's Teleport Instantly teleports the Lord to the specified player. 10 minutes
image:LordsParty.png Lord's Party Any party skills used by the Lord have 4 times the normal duration. (Always in effect)

Exclusive Items

A winning Lord will receive a magnificent set of equipment which can be worn with honor and distinction for the duration of his/her lordship.

Please note that after your 2 weeks as Lord expires, these items will also expire.

This is a Costume to be worn over Armor like cs items
Image:LordSetM1.jpg Level Advantage Dignity Set (Male) Dignity Set (Female) Image:Dignity F set.jpg
Icon Name Icon Name
N/A Max HP +999 Image:Dignity(M)H.png Dignity Helmet (M) Image:Dignity(F)H.png Dignity Helmet (F)
Speed +20% Image:Dignity(M)B.png Dignity Boots (M) Image:Dignity(F)B.png Dignity Boots (F)
Attack Power +10% Image:Dignity(M)G.png Dignity Gauntlet (M) Image:Dignity(F)G.png Dignity Gauntlet (F)
Defense Power +10% Image:Dignity(M)S.png Dignity Suit (M) Image:Dignity(F)S.png Dignity Suit (F)

How to Become a Lord

Northern Flarine

Candidate Registration & Voting Schedule (weekends):

  • Friday (All day, 24 hour period): Candidates can submit their bids to become lord. (Minimum bid is 100,000,000 Penya)
  • Saturdays: The top 10 applicants are accepted as candidates. For candidates who did not qualify, 98% of their bid is returned by mail at this time.
  • Saturday through Sunday (All day, 48 hour period): Let the voting begin! (Note: Voters are blessed with Buff for Voters for one hour. The buff is 105% exp and drop rate.

Candidates must post a public pledge proclaiming why they should be voted Lord. This can be done by talking to the NPC Lord Manager in Northern Flarine. Players can make changes to their pledge, but a 1,000,000 Penya fee is required.

  • Sunday (end of day): Voting ends.


Candidates must be a Master or Hero. To vote for a candidate, the player must be at least level 60, and must have logged into the game once within the last 30 days. A player may only vote for one candidate.


There is no minimum number of active player votes required for a lord to be elected.

Players that are not elected Lord will receive their bids as listed below in order of vote results.

  • Lord (1st) - Receives 100% of their bid.
  • 2nd - Receives 100% of their bid.
  • 3rd - Receives 80% of their bid.
  • 4th - Receives 60% of their bid.
  • 5th - Receives 40% of their bid.
  • 6th - Receives 20% of their bid.
  • 7~10th - Does not receive a refund for their bid.

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