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Things to see in Kaillun

Ankou's Asylum

New dungeon, players must be level 135 to enter. This dungeon uses the newly implemented Instance Dungeon Aggro System.

Ankou's Asylum Kaillun Navigator
Image:Ankou's Asylum Entrance.jpg Image:Ankou's Asylum map.jpg Image:Ankou's Asylum nav.jpg


Main town of new area. Here is where we find the NPCs for the third job change.

Eillun Kaillun Navigator
Image:Eillun Entrance.jpg Image:Eillun map.jpg Image:Eillun nav.jpg

Chief Keokuks' lair

New area giant, he spawns erratically. Catch him while you can.

Chief Keokuks' lair Kaillun Navigator
Image:Chief Keokuks' lair Entrance.jpg Image:Chief Keokuks' lair map.jpg Image:Chief Keokuks' lair nav.jpg

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