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Consumable Replenishers Consumable Stat Modifiers
Here you will find all items pertaining to the refilling and temporary increasing of your HP, FP, and MP Bars. Here you will find all items pertaining to the modification (Bonuses) of your stats. (Str,Sta,Dex,Int,ASPD, etc...)and Game play Enhancers (Amps).
Quest Items Transportation Items
Here you will find ALL quest items in game. Here you will find all transportation related items.
Event Boxes List Upgrading Items
Here you will find all Boxes. Here you will find all items used in upgrading.
Miscellaneous Items Buff Beads
Here you will find all other items. If it didn't fit any of the above categories it was put here. Here you will find the Buff Beads used by Buff Pick-up Pets.

Unavailable Cash Shop Items

Special Offers Section
NA Special Bundles Section | NA Chance Boxes Section | NA New Player Packages Section

Equipment Enhancement Section
NA Upgrading Section | NA Stats and Awakenings Section | NA Functional Equipment Items Section

Consumable Section
NA Buffs and Amps Section | NA Flasks and Potions Section | NA Food Section

Functional Section
NA Character Section | NA Storage Section | NA Guild and Party Section | NA Premium EXP Areas Section

Pets Section
NA Pick-Up Pets Section | NA Buff Pets Section | NA Pet Enhancements Section | NA Pet Beads Section

Flying Section
NA Flying Items Section

Apparel Section
NA Fashion Sets and Set Pieces Section | NA Cloaks and Glasses Section | NA Hair Section | NA Furniture Section

Misc Section

NA Miscellaneous Functional Items Section | NA Miscellaneous Fashion Section
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