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Continent: Flaris

Area: Eastern Flarine.

Helper, she explains a few things about the game, such as death, and purchase.
Ispim Tritiney is a flarine guide, her and her coworkers look alike so don't get to confused She offers information on the city, the shops and death


World Quote:

  • "Welcome! If you need any help or information, please don't hesitate to ask."


  • "Welcome to Flarine. You look lost. Is there anything I can help you with?"

Who are you?:

  • "I am Ispim Trinity, and I am one of the guides in Flarine City. If you need any help or information, just ask me or my twin sisters! There are several of us throughout Flarine and we all look alike so try not to get confused, tee hee! We confuse ourselves sometimes so it's alright if you do. Anyway, stop by and see me anytime if you need any help or information. That's what we're all here for!"


  • "Goodbye, adventurer. Enjoy your stay in Flarine!

Where am I?

  • Flarine is the most beautiful city in Madrigal, in my humble opinion. It's always spring here and I love it. Just be careful of all the Masquerpets outside the city. If you're going to explore the wilds of Flaris, make sure you stock up on supplies from one of our many vendors here before you leave.


  • There are many shops in Flarine that sell everything from food and drink, to weapons and armor. Have a look around to see what we have available! You can also purchase exotic items from the many private shops in the area. These shops are usually run by other adventurers, such as yourself.


  • If your Health Points (HP) reach zero, you will die. Not to worry, though, you have several options when this happens. If you select Lodestar, you will be summoned back to town and resurrected. Alternatively, players who've chosen the Assist Job can often resurrect you where you died. In addition to this, you can also purchase a Scroll of Resurrection by selecting the Premium Item Shop icon on your task bar. This allows you to resurrect in place."


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