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Continent: Flaris

Area: Plain of Bubble.

Continent: Darkon

Area: Erons Factory.

No Quests Available

Level Requirement : 15

After completing the prologue, the Gothante will send you to see Hachal who is located in the Plain of Bubble. He will give you a document known as the Recommendation of Gothante.

Hachal was once one of the greatest minds to have ever served the Madrigal History Society. However due to certain events, he was rendered a fool and a mad man for reporting false claims to the history of the world as the books tell it. Claims that could very much damage the very building blocks that is based around everyone's way of life as they currently know it.
Despite the name callings, he still chooses to investigate his claims, for even a single shred of proof that he is in fact right will determine whether or not he is truly a mad man, or a brilliant mind that the world misunderstood.


World Quote:

  • "Hmmm, no. This is no good. I need more information. I wish someone could help me."


  • "Madrigal holds much history, and many secrets, some of which should stay hidden. Don't go sticking your nose where it doesn't belong if you know what's good for ya'."

Who are you?:

  • "I am Hachal Gedvas. I was kicked out of the Madrigal History Society. Now I roam the Plain of Bubble in search of Madrigals many secrets."


  • "Be careful out there. Watch your step!"


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