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The first tab is where you can make your major guild changes.
The ''Information'' tab is where you can make your major guild changes.

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Guilds are an integral part of FlyFF. An MMORPG is based on its community, and guilds are the most permanent way for players to band together. Through guilds, players can chat with each other, quest clockworks, war with other guilds, siege, and raid.

Making a Guild

First, gather what you need:

  • 3 million penya
  • lead of a party with 2 other players that are eligible to enter a guild (they will be your first members)

Second, speak to Helena (SaintMorning, Bank NPC).

  • She will ask for the 3 million penya first.
  • After handing in the 3million penya, she will ask you to lead a 3 player party.
  • After speaking to her again, click on "Create a Guild", and your guild will be created.

Note that any future guilds you make, you will not have to undergo this quest. You can create a guild directly by being the leader of a 3-player party where everyone is eligible to join a guild, and talking to Helena.

Managing a Guild

After creating your guild, you will want to learn to manage it. The options are all found on the guild window, which you can access via the "g" hotkey or by going through your Start menu.

The Information tab is where you can make your major guild changes.

  • "Name" button - change the name of your guild (only viable once)
  • "Notice" button - change your notice whenever you want (note that there is a very low character limit to the notice)
  • "Logo" button - choose a logo for your guild once it reaches level 2
  • "Dismiss" button - disband the guild.
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