Guardian Yo-Yo

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|weapon icon=Guardianyoyo.gif
|weapon icon=Guardianyoyo.gif
|atk=207 ~ 209
|atk=223 ~243
|atk speed=Fast
|atk speed=Fast
|bonus=Attack Speed +15% <br />
|bonus=Attack Speed +15% <br />

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This weapon is an Unique weapon.

Two-handed weapon
Attack: 223 ~243
Attack speed: Fast
Added bonus:
Attack Speed +15%
Attack +5%
Increased Critical Damage +28%
Reflect +1%
Hit Rate +10%
Required Job: Acrobat
Required Level: 60
NPC Price: N/A

Not available to purchase from NPCs.

Drops from the following Flyff Masquerpets:

Unique weapons can currently be obtained from Giant Monsters/Masquerpets or from the Crafting system. Can also be obtained from certain boxes such as Raizei's Guardian Chest of Phat Lewt or from the chain quest Weapons of the Guardian.

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