Gladiator's Gold weapons

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The Gladiator's Gold weapons were introduced the week after Version 18 was released. These weapons are part of the rewards from the Colosseum.

  • These weapons CAN NOT be crafted from the Crafting System.
  • They ARE NOT Soul Linked and can be banked, warehoused, traded or sold.

  • They CAN be pierced to add socket cards.
  • They CAN be upgraded to +10.
  • They CAN be upgraded to Ultimate versions.
  • They CAN have jewel slots eg. upgrade level= +6 will give 1 slot, like normal ultimate weapons.
  • They CAN be elemented. eg. +20 Fire ect.
  • They CAN be awakened.

These weapons can be obtained from the Colosseum. You must have all the required tokens to exchange for the prize.
Required Tokens
image:Blue Token of Valor.png Blue Token of Valor image:Red Token of Valor.png Red Token of Valor image:Champion's Token.png Champion's Token
12,600 2,520 40
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