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Gate Keeper
Gate Keeper
Image:NPCGate Keeper2.jpg
Continent: Darkon

Area: Volkane Dungeon.

This NPC is not in function at the present time.
The Gate Keeper appeared recently in the depths of Volkane Dungeon. He is one of the 6 remaining members of his race, left behind to guard the entrance of the dungeons which hold the individuals that are too dangerous to be set free. But who exactly does he keep? This dungeon was the prison of the Meteonyker, entombed until the return of Rhisis. Could he guard Sha... I dare not say her name, for even pronouncing it can strengthen her. The Mysterious Robed Boy and Girl wondered if we were ready. Are we? And for what?


World Quote:

  • "Leave now, mortal! Don't even think about talking to me!"


  • "You shall not pass!!! Yes, you heard me. Now shoo! I grow tired of you pesky mortals…"

Who are you?:

  • "I am the Gate Keeper. Believe it or not underneath this hood, I'm actually a very handsome fellow."


  • "You fool! You will not last long in here! Muahahah!"


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