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|icon 1=[[image:Smile Board.png]]
|icon 1=[[image:Smile Board.png]]
|item 1=[[Smile Board]]
|item 1=[[Smile Board]]
|icon 2=
|icon 2=[[image:Red Motorbike.png]]
|item 2=
|item 2=[[Red Bike]]
|icon 3=
|icon 3=
|item 3=
|item 3=

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Flying Items Section

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Flying Items


image:Feather Wings White.png Elegant White Wings image:Feather Wings Black.png Elegant Black Wings image:Air Shark Board.png Air Shark Board
image:HeraHoverBikeBlack.png Hera Hover Bike (Black) image:Flying_Special_Tiger.png Tiger Board image:Accelor Fuel.png Accelor Fuel


image:Flying_Special_Hera.png Hera Hoverbike image:Flying_Special_Stick.png Dragon Stick image:Flying_Special_Carpet.png Magic Carpet
image:FlyingCloudBloody.gif Riding Cloud (Blood Red) image:Flying_Special_Horse.png Wooden Horse image:Flying_Special_Sleigh.png Lawolf Sled
image:FlyingCloudYellow.gif Riding Cloud (Orange) image:FlyingCloud.gif Riding Cloud (Sky Blue) image:FlyingCloudPink.gif Riding Cloud (Light pink)
image:ClockBikeWhite.gif Clock Bike (White) image:ClockBikeOrange.png Clock Bike (Orange) image:ClockBikePurple.png Clock Bike (Violet)
image:MeteoBikegreen.png Meteo Bike (Green) image:MeteoBikeyellow.png Meteo Bike (Yellow) image:Meteo Bike (Red).png Meteo Bike (Red)
image:The Hot One.png The Hot One image:Model TR-ex.png Model TR-ex image:Flying_Special_Sylia.png Syila Hoverbike
image:Pink Fairie Wings.png Pink Fairie Wings image:Blue Fairie Wings.png Blue Fairie Wings image:Wings of the Malevolent Dragon.png Wings of the Malevolent Dragon
image:Flying_Special_Snow.png Snowboard image:Flying_Special_Sword.png Sword Board image:Mantle of the Raven.png Mantle of the Raven
image:Prophet Wings.png Gray Wings of the Divine Prophet image:Crimson Butterfly Wings.png Crimson Butterfly Wings image:Translucent Butterfly Wings.png Translucent Butterfly Wings
image:Translucent Dragonfly Wings.png Translucent Dragonfly Wings image:Angel Wings.png Angelic Wings image:Alabaster Butterfly Wings.png Alabaster Butterfly Wings
image:Plume of the Dove.png Plume of the Dove image:Piyoko.png Piyoko

Obtained through Events BLANKBLANKBLANKBLANK
image:Indigo Butterfly Wings.png Indigo Butterfly Wings image:Flying_Special_File.png Fplanet Board image:Limousine Bike.png Limousine Bike
image:Smile Board.png Smile Board image:Red Motorbike.png Red Bike

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