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Hellohello Flyffers!

Winter is here, Christmas is right around the corner, have you been naughty or nice this year? Well, either ways, we've got a plethora of amaziiing winter events lined up for you all! Starting now and running all the way through Christmas and into the New Year 2013, these 7 events are bound to load you up with bags and bags of gifts and prizes! Read on for details!

Snobell's Winter Chalice (Starts in Flaris)
Snobell is blessing anyone that brings an upgraded Winter Chalice to her with epic rewards and gifts, and not to mention an all brand spanking new Snobell Accessory Set. Where to get a Winter Chalice? Hunt down some Masquerpets! Winter Chalices will be dropping off monsters above level 15. Upgrade these Winter Chalices like you would regularly upgrade rings and necklaces with moonstones all the way to +20. Turn in these upgraded chalices to Snobell for your hard earned reward!!

For more information: Snobell's Winter Chalice Exchange

Melted Dad (Starts in Flaris)
Danny the Snowboy has lost his dad in the Collecting Fields and needs your help to find the right pieces to put Daddy Snowman back together into 1 piece. Successfully collect all the right pieces from the Collecting Fields and be rewarded with an awesome winter pet!

For more information: Melted Dad

Santa's Special Helper (Starts in Flaris)
Ruby has been sent to Madrigal all the way from the North Pole at Santa's command, to help find players to spread the Christmas Spirit. Hunt Masquerpets to spread the news and collect Christmas Spirits from them, then return to Ruby to exchange for Christmas Tokens and a small gift. Collect enough Christmas Tokens to trade for even cooler rewards!

For more information: Santa's Special Helper

The Spirit of Christmas (Starts in Saintmorning)
Aside from collecting Snowman parts from collecting fields, you'll also find yourselves pulling up other various items like Soil and Water, collect enough of these to exchange for a Holiday Token at Martin in Saintmorning. You may then bring these Holiday Tokens to Helgar in Saintmorning to exchange for scrumptious Christmas treats and rewards! Oh yeah, you can also hunt Masquerpets to get Wax, Glass, and Rope to exchange for even more Holiday Tokens, which means more treats!!!

For more information: The Spirit of Christmas

Quest for the Golden Apples (Starts in Flaris)
The monsters of Madrigal have made off with this year's batch of delicious Golden Apples and we need your help to get them back. Hunt monsters above level 15 and collect Golden Apples. Find enough Apples and return to the Weird Collector located in Flaris to exchange for Red Socks. Some cool treats you'll find in these Red Socks... but hold on to enough Red Socks and you can exchange a whole pack of Socks for a bigger reward by talking to Santa who's also waiting in Flaris!

For more information: Quest for the Golden Apples!

Build a Teddy Bear for Christmas (Starts in Flaris)
Talk to Baby Snowman in Flaris to help him build back some teddy bears which were torn up by pesky angry elves. Hunt monsters to find teddy bear pieces and return them all to Baby Snowman to piece together a brand new teddy bear. Collect some paint that you'll also find from monsters to make some cheery cool giant teddy bear gift rewards.

For more information: Build a Teddy for Christmas

Golden Snowflake Exchange (Starts in Flaris)
You'll notice that with each of the quests above, you'll be rewarded with Golden Snowflakes upon quest completion. Repeat and complete as many of these Winter quests as you can to collect as many Golden Snowflakes as you can. Once you've got enough Golden Snowflakes, head on over to Baby Snowman to get some Christmas Dust and then combine the Snowflakes and Dust to get some amazing Christmas gifts!!!

For more information: Golden Snowflake Exchange

Enjoy Flyffers and all the best! Stuff up those pockets with prizes!! :D

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