Flyff Hold'em 2019 - Krispy Royale

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Image:Flyff Hold'em 2019 - Krispy Royale.png

Krispy Royale

Quest Starting Location: Saint Morning
Quest : Krispy Royale
NPC : Jacklin Pott

Jacklin Pott Location
Image:Jacklin Pott.png Image:NPCJacklin Pott3.jpg

Quest Requirement : Level 15~170
Objective : Collect A-, K-, Q-, J- and 10-Cards (from monsters level 15+) and bring them to Jacklin Pott in Saint Morning. She will exchange them for some great boxes!

A Card x4
Image:A Card.png

Reward: Ace Box 2019

K Card x4
Image:K Card.png

Reward: King Box 2019

Q Card x4
Image:Q Card.png

Reward: Queen Box 2019

J Card x4
Image:J Card.png

Reward: Jack Box 2019

K Card x1
Image:K Card.png
Q Card x1
Image:Q Card.png
J Card x1
Image:J Card.png
10th Card x1
Image:10th Card.png

Reward: The Mighty 10 Box 2019

Quest Text:


Accepting Quest Text:


Denying Quest Text:


During Quest Text:


Completed Quest Text:


Next Stage in Quest

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