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12/06: St. Nicolas
12/24: Christmas Eve
12/31: New Years Eve

Yes, December is The ultimate month for Celebrations! But how can we wait until then??


Santa and his friend Pang created a wonderful Advent Calendar for the whole month of December! From 12/05/2013 until 01/02/2014 all players level 15+ must be connected everyday at least 1 hour to receive wonderful presents!

But be careful! You have to be connected every single day to receive the most beautiful presents so, don't miss a day!

Below is the list of items you will receive day after day

Important: This event is also known as "Play For Rewards" VIII !!

Even more important: An issue occured during the event, preveting the event from starting properly.
In order to fix it, a maintenance will take place on Friday 06/12/2013 from 00:01 until 02:00 (PST).

Here are a few answers to questions you might have regarding the advent calendar.

  • Q: If I should get disconnected, will I have to be logged in for another hour once i reconnect?

A: No, we're adding the time you're logged in per day. For example, if you log in 20 minutes before work in the morning and then 40 minutes after you get back home again, this will count as 1 hour.

  • Q: When does the daily timer reset?

A: The timer resets at midnight every day. (Midnight PST)
Wiki Note: If you are unsure about time zones, you may want to check out this time zones converter

  • Q: If I missed a certain day, will I receive the next day's present when I log in the following day?

A: The presents are awarded in the order they appear in the list. If you miss the 2nd day's present and only log in on the 3rd day again, you will then receive the 2nd day's present instead of the 3rd day's one.

  • Q: Can I leave the presents in my mailbox? Or will they be deleted after 15 days?

A: All mails and items in your mailbox will be deleted after 15 days if you do not pick them up. Items that are lost that way can't be restored by us.

  • Q: How many items can I have in my mailbox?

A: You can have up to 50 mails and items in your mailbox.

  • Q: How will you inform the winners of the Facebook contest?

A: The winners will be announced in a new post after the contest is over. We will then add the prize to the inventories of the winning characters.

  • Q: If I don't log out of the game but stay connected all the time, will I still receive all the presents? or do I have to log out once per day?

A: You won't have to log out once per day. If you stay connected long enough every day, you will receive the presents.

  • Q: Will there be buffer days?

A: Yes, we have added 2 buffer days in case you can't log in.
Wiki Note: Should you need to make use of one or both of these buffer days, the event will take place longer for you.

  • Q: Will the sets expire as soon as I take them out of my mailbox?

A: The sets are being sent in boxes, therefore their timer starts as soon as you open the box.

  • Q: Are the presents limited to one per account?


~*Get even more presents with Facebook!*~

How? - Write your character name & server in comment field of the following picture to enter in the great Christmas Lottery!

When? - From 12/04/2013 until 12/29/2013 - The Winners will be announced on the 30th of December

Who? - 5 winners will be chosen randomly for the Lottery

What? - Each winner will receive 1x S card Random Box

Happy Holidays!
Your gPotato Team

FlyFF Advent Calendar 2013
Day Reward Quantity Soul-Linked
1 image:GM Fruitcake.png GM Fruitcake x3 No
2 image:BatterySilver.gif Silver Battery x1 Yes
3 image:Pride of Victory.png Pride of Victory x3 No
4 image:Merchant'sPermit.png Merchant's Permit (7 Days) x1 Yes
5 image:Icon_backpack.jpg Extra Bag (15 Days) x1 Yes
6 image:Christmas Cookies.png Christmas Cookies x3 No
7 image:DefaultBox1.gif Christmas Surprise Present Box x1 Yes (Soul-linked contents)
8 image:Pride of Victory.png Pride of Victory x3 No
9 Image:ScrollResurrection.gif Scroll of Resurrection x3 Yes
10 image:DefaultBox4.png Event Box (A) x3 Yes
11 image:EldinsGift.png


Eldin's Gift (1 Day)

Eldin's Chocolate





12 image:DefaultBox5.png Polynikes Victorious Glasses Box B x1 No
13 image:DefaultBox5.png Polynikes Victorious Glasses Box A x1 No
14 image: ScrollofReversion.png Scroll of Reversion x3 Yes
15 image:Premium_Hunting_License.png Premium Hunting License (1 Day) x1 Yes
16 image:Itm_SysSysScrAmpEsR-32.png Scroll of Amplification R (7 Days) x2 Yes
17 image:EnhancedPartySkillRange.png 1 Day Enhanced Party Skill Range x1 Yes
18 image:ScrollofAcquisition_(Low).png Scroll of Acquisition (High) x1 Yes
19 image:BlessingoftheGoddess.png Blessing of the Goddess x3 Yes
20 image:DefaultBox8.png X-Mas Present Box (Basic) x1 No
21 image: TorchOfIsilrute.png Torch of Raon x1 Yes
22 image:Premium_Hunting_License.png Premium Hunting License (1 Day) x1 Yes
23 image:Itm_SysSysScrAmpEsQ-32.png Scroll of Amplification Q (7 Days) x2 Yes
24 image: Unstable_Flask_of_the_Warrior.png 1 Day Unstable Flask of the Warrior x2 Yes
25 image: Unstable_Flask_of_the_Magician.png 1 Day Unstable Flask of the Magician x2 Yes
26 image:DefaultBox8.png X-Mas Present Box (Intermediate) x1 No
27 image: Unstable_Flask_of_the_Acrobat.png 1 Day Unstable Flask of the Acrobat x2 Yes
28 image:DefaultBox8.png X-Mas Present Box (Pro) x1 No
29 image:DefaultBox7.png S card Random Box x1 Yes