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(Statted Fashion)
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|icon 2=[[image:Rabbit Set (F).png|50px]]
|icon 2=[[image:Rabbit Set (F).png|50px]]
|item 2=[[2020 Rabbit (F) Set]]
|item 2=[[2020 Rabbit (F) Set]]
|icon 3=
|icon 3=[[image:Enchantress Set (F).png|50px]]
|item 3=
|item 3=[[Enchantress 2020 (F) Set]]

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Here you can find an overview of all the available Female Fashion in the game.


Fashion Sets Available through Cash Shop

Regular Fashion

Alice (F) Set Baseball (F) Set Bodyguard (F) Set
Cowboy (F) Set Bunny (F) Set Chef Set (F)
Cyberpunk (F) Set Chi (F) Set Chipao Panda Set (F)
Frog (F) Set Detective (F) Set Dark Nurse (F) Set
FV-13 Power Armor (F) Set Dressed-Up (F) Set Enchantress Set (F)
Gothic (F) Set image:Garb of Aibatt F.png Garb of the Aibatt (F) Set Harbor (F) Set
Madrigal Guardian Green (F) Set Madrigal Guardian Blue (F) Set Kung Fu Set (F)
Madrigal Guardian Yellow (F) Set Madrigal Guardian Red (F) Set Madrigal Guardian Pink (F) Set
Martial Artist Set (F) NFL (F) Set Maid Set (F)
Muaythai Set (F) Police (F) Set Mummy (F) Set
Ninja (F) Set Reconnaissance Set (F) Pirate (F) Set
Primitive (F) Set Rudolph (F) Set Rabbit Set (F)
Red Cherry Blossom Yukata (F) Set Red Riding Hood (F) Set Road Hog Set (F)
Sailor Green (F) Set Sailor Blue (F) Set Sailor Indigo (F) Set
Samurai Set (F) Sailor Red (F) Set Shinigami Set (F)
Shower (F) Set Sinbad (F) Set Skeleton (F) Set
Snowboarder (F) Set Spy (F) Space Cadet (F) Set
Steam Punk Set (F) Sun Dress Set (F) Student Witch Set (F)
Teddy Bear (F) Set Superhero (F) Set Traditional Chile (F) Set
Traditional Native American (F) Set Traditional German (F) Set Traditional Phillippines (F) Set
Vampire (F) Set Traditional Taiwan Set (F) Uniform EX (F) Set
WarLord (F) Set Workout (F) Set Wedding (F) Set
Yukata 2006 (F) Set Yukata (F) Set Yetti Set (F)
Yukata 2009 (F) Set Yukata 2008 (F) Set

Statted Fashion

image:Dark Princess F.png Dark Princess Set (F) image:Azurite F.png Azurite Noble Set (F) image:Regal F.png Regal Set (F)
image:Emerald F.png Emerald Set (F) Set of the Almighty Dragon King (F) Set of the Fierce Dragon King (F)
Set of the Wise Dragon King (F)

Fashion Sets Available through Special Sales

Purple Bunny Yukata (F) Set Mistletoe (F) Set Heartbreaker Set (F)
Santa (F) Set Rose Bunny Yukata (F) Set Snowman (F) Set
Violet Bunny Yukata (F) Set Mommy Mel (F) Set Lavender Kung Fu (F) Set
Red Chi (F) Set Blue Snowboarder (F) Set

Fashion Sets Available through Events

Regular Fashion

Bijin Yukata 2010 (F) Set Frog Set 2015 (F) Blue Soccer (F) Set
Hanbok Set (F) Ghastly Ghoul Set (F) Red Soccer Set (F)
White Soccer Set (F) Stylish Santa (F) Set Vampire 2015 (F)
Amphibian Warrior (F) Cat Set (F) Traditional German Outfit Set (F) 2015
image:Blue Santa F.png Blue Santa Set (F) image:Blue Dress Set F.png Blue Dress Set (F)

Statted Fashion

image:Casino F.png Casino (F) image:Joker F.png Joker Set (F) image:Luxurious Ski Set F.png Luxurious Ski Set (F)
image:Casual Hanbok Costume F.png Casual Hanbok Costume (F) 2016 Ninja Set (F) 2015 Armor of the Rising Sun Set (F)
2015 Armor of the Setting Sun Set (F) Mizu Yukata Set (F) image:FWC Regional F.png FWC Regional Winner (F)
image:FWC 3rd Place F.png FWC 3rd Place (F) image:FWC 2011 Silver F.png FWC 2011 Silver (F) image:FWC 2011 Golden F.png FWC 2011 Golden (F)
Paddy's Armor (F) Set 2020 Shinigami (F) Set Scary Ghastly Ghoul Set (F)
Horrible Skeleton (F) Set 2020 Rabbit (F) Set Enchantress 2020 (F) Set

Other Fashion Sets

Blue Polka Dots Bikini (F) Set Blue Beachwear (F) Set Cats (F) Set
Flower Faerie (F) Set Forest Faerie (F) Set Chapao Set (F)
Giraffe Set (F) Green Dress (F) Set Kang Shi (F) Set
Red Dress (F) Set Milk Cow Set (F) Lamb (F) Set
Orange Beachwear (F) Set Orange Bikini (F) Set Panda Set (F)
Pink Nurse (F) Set Purple Beachwear (F) Set Purple Bikini (F) Set
Queen of Hearts (F) Set Pink Beachwear (F) Set Pink Dress (F) Set
School Swimsuit (F) Set Samba Set (F) Royal Cook (F) Set
Sexy Hanbok (F) Set Set of the Setting Sun (F) Set of the Rising Sun (F)
Spacesuit (F) Set Sul Bim (F) Set Space Samurai (F) Set
Leprechaun (F) Set Swimwear (F) Set

Lord Fashion Set

image:Dignity Set F.png Lord Set (F)

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