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This new system was introduced in the version 17 update. It was added as a means to spice up your wardrobe. This new NPC will allow you to combine, up to a maximum of two times, sets that have blessings applied to them. In doing so you will destroy the set in slot "B". This new set will have the look of the set in slot "A" with the blessing of both. Random set pieces may be used but all slots must be full for it to work.

As with everything worth wild, there is a chance for breakage. Hence we do not suggest using this system without the new Fashion Compound Scroll called the Image:Scroll of FProtect.pngScroll of FProtect. This scroll will not promises success but it will keep your precious Cash Shop Fashions from being destroyed.

You may do combining of same level of blessed fashions.
Meaning 2 items with 1 blessing each or 2 items with 2 blessings each, you may not combine 1 item with 1 blessing and 1 item with 2 blessings.
You must apply the Scroll of FProtect before selecting "Start". If you do not do so you will receive a warning message. If you select "OK" button you will begin process and might loose fashion items. If you select "Cancel" it will close window and you can start again.

(Fashion Composer) Nerupha
Eastern Flarine

Combination Window
Image:fashion compound1.gif
Merging First Tier
Image:fashion compound1.png
Merging Second Tier
Image:fashion compound2.png

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