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Here you will find information on all kinds of Equipment Customization. From the materials used to the steps to follow.


Awakening, introduced in Version 11 of FlyFF, is the process of adding additional special stats to a piece of equipment. The stats that are added can be either positive or negative, so it's not always a good thing.
The following items can be awakened:
  • Any weapon, including Unique and Ultimate weapons
  • Any shield
  • Any armor suit
Awakening has a fee of 100,000 penya each time an item is awakened. Awakening has a 100% success rate, and so can not fail. There is no chance of an item breaking during awakening.


With the introduction in V12 to the new types of cards, we now have three.
  • Elemental Cards
These cards will give an elemental boost to your Suits and Weapons. Be careful however for changing pray could put you at a disadvantage.
  • Suit Socket Cards
These cards are to add stats to your favorite Suit. Once you pierce them you may add a variety of advantages
  • Weapons and Shield Socket Cards
These cards are to add stats to your favorite Weapons and shields. Once you pierce them you may add a variety of advantages

Collector System

Introduced in v11, the collector system permits the player to gather pieces of certain items. After collecting 10 of the same pieces they my be combined to create a whole.


Crafting is a term used to describe the in-game process of creating a Unique Weapon using rare materials. This process is only available at the (Upgrade Specialist) BoBoChan NPC in Central Flarine.

Creating Ultimate Weapons

Ultimate weapons, introduced in Version 9 of FlyFF, are the most powerful weapons in the game. Ultimate weapons do not drop from any monsters, they must be refined from fully upgraded Unique weapons. On occasion, Our wonderful staff at the California office, presents us with the rare opportunity of exchanging certain items for the coveted Ultimate's.


As the term states piercing or making a socket hole in your equipment is explained here


From Weapons to Armor and Jewelery here you will learn how to use those precious sunstones and moonstones.

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