Emerald Set (M)

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This Item is not part of the Cash Shop's normal menu. It can be found on special occasions or in game Player shops

Emerald (M)

Emerald (M) Set Bonus
image:Emerald(M).gif Image:Emerald (M)_Suit.png Emerald Suit

Cost: N/A Wcoins

Critical Chance+7%
Image:Emerald (M)_Foot.png Emerald Boots

Cost: N/A Wcoins

Image:Emerald (M)_Hand.png Emerald Gloves

Cost:N/A Wcoins

Increased Attack+7%
Image:Emerald (M)_Cap.png Emerald Crown

Cost: N/A Wcoins

STR+7, DEX+7, INT+7, STA+7
Image:Emerald (M)_Cloak.png Emerald Cloak (M)

Cost: 1,800 Wcoins

All Stat+15, Increased HP+7%, EXP+10%
image:cs_set_package.png Info:

Cost: 8,000 Wcoins

Increased HP+15%, Ranged Block+20%, Melee Block+20%, Parry+20%
1/5: No effect
2/5: Increased HP+10%
3/5: Increased HP+10%, Ranged Block+10%, Melee Block+10%
4/5: Increased HP+10%, Ranged Block+10%, Melee Block+10%, Parry+10%
5/5: {{{bonus 5}}}

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