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Dr. Estly
Continent: Flaris

Area: Haunt of Nyangnyang.

Mars Mine Dungeon Part 1

Level Requirement : 20-30+

When you enter the Haunt of Nyangnyang, you will notice Dr. Estly located to your left once you depart from the bridge. He will ask you if you will be willing to help him with his studies on Masquerpets.

Dr. Estly, although he is young, he is more knowledgeable about the ecology of Madrigal than anyone would ever hope to know. He's traveled far and wide across the world researching as many Masquerpets as he is able to. It's thanks to him that a grand majority of the monsters were made known.
Hungry to know more, he wants to study the ancient ruins of the Caoin that lay inside the mines. A whole pile of ancient wisdom, and the only thing standing in his way are monsters known as Vice Veduque and the Serus Uriel.


World Quote:

  • "Madrigal's ecosystem is truly fascinating! The more you discover, the greater the mystery!"


  • "Researching Madrigal's vast ecosystem, particularly that of the Masquerpets, is very rewarding. I get to work outdoors, and examine all of the strange creatures created by the Clown Goddess of Fear and Rage, Shade."

Who are you?:

  • "My name is Dr. Estly and I am studying Madrigal's Ecosystem with my 2 brothers. Have you ever heard of Clockworks? He is the most amazing creature I have ever had the chance to study! Very, very dangerous, though."


  • "Thanks for stopping by, friend. Let me know if you ever need any information on a specific creature."


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