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==Available Quests==
<small>Quests that involve this masquerpet</small>
* [[Doridori Sushi]]
*[[Flaris_Quest_Office#Gems_for_Wands|Gems for Wands]]
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Doridoma Pronounced dohr-ee-dom-a

These monsters are similar to seahorses, but can be seen bouncing around on their tail as opposed to swimming. They are sometimes territorial, and may be agressive. They are generally found near water and can be located in Flaris.


Locating Doridoma

Doridoma Spawn Area

The largest spawn of Doridomas can be found to the north of the lake just north of Flaris.

Available Quests

Quests that involve this masquerpet


Biscuit Food item for recovering HP.
Barbeque Food item for recovering HP.
Strawberry Shake Food item for recovering HP.
Penya In game currency, average drop between 1-5 penya.
Also drops equipment such as Vagrant Armor and Weapons.

Doridoma Statistics

Name lvl HP Def Mdef Exp Ele
Small Doridoma 11 1,851 11 17 18 Image:Water.gif
Doridoma 11 1,851 11 17 18 Image:Electric.gif
Captain Doridoma 12 1,939 12 18 20 Image:Water.gif
Giant Doridoma 15 47,784 15 35 132 Image:Electric.gif

Continent Content Color Reference:
World Flaris Coral Island Saint Morning Garden of Rhisis Darkon Azria
Shaduwar Valley of the Risen Kaillun Traseia Dark Traseia Bahara Desert Emporium

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