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Continent: Saint Morning

Area: Ivillis Dungeon.

He allows you entrance to Ivillis Leanes.
Darz resembles those of the ancient race the Caoin's. Though it is believed that only 6 remain from this race. He guards as the others do the entrance to the cage of a terrible threat Ivillis Leanes


World Quote:

  • "Ivillis Leanes awaits a new challenger. Will you avenge the souls he bewitched?"


  • "You can't do this by yourself, you fool! Come back when you find some friends"

Who are you?:

  • "I have no interest in getting to know you, stranger. Just bring me the rubies, and I will take you to the tomb."


  • "Are you too afraid to confront Ivillis Leanes? Very well, as you wish."


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