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The only way to contact the Customer Support team is to submit a ticket.

Note about page: Every part that has an asterix (*) behind the word, is required to be filled in.

Note: If you aren't logged in, you will receive the following message:

  • To allow us to serve you better, please login with your Webzen Account on the left hand side.

If you do not have a Webzen account, click here to continue without login.


Enter your email address*

NOTE: If this is NOT the email address you wish to be contacted at, please enter a new email address in the field above. In addition, if you DO NOT receive an automated response from our system within 1 hour, it is likely that the email address was entered incorrectly.


Select category:

  • Customer Service
  • Community
  • Technical Support
  • Flyff bugs
  • Achievement system


Customer Service:

  • Compromised Account
  • Lost/Deleted/Sold/Broken Item
  • Scammed
  • Account Verification (Recover Email Address)
  • Why am I banned?
  • Question
  • Other Customer Service Related Issue


  • Player Harassment
  • Inappropriate Name
  • In-game Policy Violation
  • Freeze/Lockup
  • Event Related
  • Community Request
  • Community Question
  • Other Community Related Issue

Technical Support:

  • Install/Uninstall/Patching
  • Connection Problem
  • Game Guard
  • Crashing or Freezing
  • Compatibility/Performance
  • Graphics Related
  • Character Related
  • In-game Technical Issue
  • Other Technical Issue

Flyff Bugs:

  • Submit a Bug Report

Achievement System:

  • Achievement System Report


Here you have to choose the server and name of character you want to use to submit a ticket.

Subject: (100 character max) *

Here you can fill in the subject of the issue you are submitting

Message *

Here you can fill in information regarding your issue, also able to post links to images/videos that might be required to show something.

Confirmation Code *

Fill the code in that is below this before you are able to send the ticket.

Note: (Clicking image shows new code)

There is also a FlyFF official forum, if e-mail does not seem reasonable. Many users find, and resolve issues, on the forum. It also gives further detail on contacting and/or filing reports.

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