Consumable Replenishers

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Some of the following Consumable Replenishers (one time use) may be found is Cash Shop or Player Shop only.


Health Points


Image:Orange Juice.png Orange Juice Image:Lollipop.JPG Lollipop Image:StrawberryShake.gif Strawberry Shake
Image:MeatSkewer.gif Meat Skewer Image:Biscuit.gif Biscuit Image:Barbecue.gif Barbeque
Image:PineappleCone.gif Pineapple Cone Image:Chocolate.jpg Chocolate Bar Image:BananaJujubar.gif Banana Jujubar
Image:SeafoodPanCake.gif Seafood Pancake Image:FruitJuice.gif Fruit Juice Image:Milk.jpg Milk
Image:FishSoup.gif Fish Soup Image:Bread.jpg Roll Bread Image:Fruit Icewater.gif Fruit Icewater
Image:SausageCasserole.gif Sausage Casserole Image:FruitParfait.gif Fruit Parfait Image:Hotdog.jpg Hot Dog
Image:FruitSherbet.gif Fruit Sherbet Image:Snow Flake.png Snow Flake Image:FishStew.gif Fish Stew
Image:Pizza.jpg Pizza Image:IceCreamCake.gif Icecream Cake Image:SteamedSeafood.gif Steamed Seafood
Image:Kimbap.jpg Kimbap Image:FruitPunch.gif Fruit Punch Image:Chicken.jpg Chicken Stick
Image:MeatSalad.gif Meat Salad Image:Starcandy.jpg Star Candy Image:Gratin.gif Gratin
Image:SeafoodPizza.gif Seafood Pizza Image:Chocolate Cookie.png Chocolate Cookie Image:Christmas Cookies.png Christmas Cookies
Image:Hot Ddukguk.png Hot Ddukguk Image:Vanilla Cupcake.png Vanilla Cupcake Image:Remantis Laccotte.png Remantis Laccotte
Image:Super Hot Dog.png Super Hot Dog Image:Carbonara.png Carbonara Image:Penne.png Penne
Image:Lasagna.png Lasagna Image:White Cake.png White Cake Image:Dorsus.png Doridori Sushi
Image:GM Fruitcake.png GM Fruitcake Image:HeartCookies.png Heart Cookies Image:Herb of Life.png Herb of Life
Image:Secret Medicine 1.png Secret Medicine 1 Image:Melon Denish.png Melon Denish Image:PumpkinPie.gif Pumpkin Pie


Image:GrayPill.gif Gray Pill Image:YellowPill.gif Yellow Pill Image:BluePill.gif Blue Pill
Image:RedPill.gif Red Pill Image:GoldPill.gif Gold Pill Image:Mysterious Pill.png Mysterious Pill

Mana Points

Image:Firstrefresher.jpg First Refresher Image:Secondrefresher.jpg Second Refresher Image:Thirdrefresher.jpg Third Refresher
Image:Fourthrefresher.jpg Fourth Refresher Image:Fifthrefresher.jpg Fifth Refresher Image:SixthRefresher.gif Sixth Refresher
Image:SeventhRefresher.gif Seventh Refresher Image:EightRefresher.gif Eighth Refresher Image:NinthRefresher.gif Ninth Refresher
Image:TenthRefresher.gif Tenth Refresher Image:Sweet Ddukguk.png Sweet Ddukguk Image:Peach Punch.png Peach Punch
Image:Chocolate Drink.png Chocolate Drink Image:Green Cake.png Green Cake Image:Secret Medicine 2.png Secret Medicine 2
Image:Watermelon Drink.jpg Watermelon Drink

Focus Points

Image:Vitaldrink100.jpg VitalDrink 100 Image:Vitaldrink200.jpg VitalDrink 200 Image:Vitaldrink300.gif VitalDrink 300
Image:Vitaldrink400.jpg VitalDrink 400 Image:Vitaldrink500.jpg VitalDrink 500 Image:Vitaldrink500.jpg VitalDrink 600
Image:Vitaldrink500.jpg VitalDrink 700 Image:Vitaldrink500.jpg VitalDrink 800 Image:Vitaldrink500.jpg VitalDrink 900
Image:Fresh Ddukguk.png Fresh Ddukguk Image:Pink Cake.png Pink Cake
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