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Some of the following Consumable Items (one time use) may be found is Cash Shop or Player Shop only.


Food and HP Modifiers

Orange Juice Lollipop Strawberry Shake
Meat Skewer Biscuit Barbeque
Pineapple Cone Chocolate Bar Banana Jujubar
Seafood Pancake Fruit Juice Milk
Fish Soup Roll Bread Fruit Icewater
Sausage Casserole Fruit Parfait Hot Dog
Fruit Sherbet Snow Flake Fish Stew
Pizza Icecream Cake Steamed Seafood
Kimbap Fruit Punch Chicken Stick
Meat Salad Star Candy Gratin
Seafood Pizza Chocolate Cookie Christmas Cookies
Hot Ddukguk Vanilla Cupcake Remantis Laccotte
Super Hot Dog Carbonara Penne
Lasagna White Cake Doridori Sushi
GM Fruitcake Heart Cookies Herb of Life
Meat Skewer Melon Denish Pumpkin Pie
Strawberry Shake Secret Medicine 1
Gray Pill Yellow Pill Blue Pill
Red Pill Gold Pill Mysterious Pill
Grilled Eel Bull Hamstern Power Scroll
Gingerbread Green Root Beer


FP, MP Replenishes and Modifiers

First Refresher Second Refresher Third Refresher
Fourth Refresher Fifth Refresher Sixth Refresher
Seventh Refresher Eighth Refresher Ninth Refresher
Tenth Refresher Sweet Ddukguk Peach Punch
Chocolate Drink Green Cake Secret Medicine 2
Watermelon Drink
VitalDrink 100 VitalDrink 200 VitalDrink 300
VitalDrink 400 VitalDrink 500 VitalDrink 600
VitalDrink 700 VitalDrink 800 VitalDrink 900
Fresh Ddukguk Pink Cake
Refresher Hold Vital Drink X Elixir of Flowing Thought

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