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The world of Madrigal is filled with many dangers. One cannot roam about as they please without first knowing the ways of combat.


How to Attack

Selected monster
Selected monster
Auto-attack engaged
Auto-attack engaged

Let's start with the basics, to attack you must first select your target by clicking on them. Once selected, 4 blue triangles will appear on it, as well as an arrow above one's head to focus your attention on that particular target.

If you were to click on the target once more, you will automatically attack until it dies. Please note that this has no effect on players unless you're having a duel or PKing. PK is only accessible in the Demian Server Cluster.

Some ways for auto-attack are:

  • double-click the target
  • click on the monster, and hold down the mouse button
  • click on the monster while pressing the control (ctrl) button on your keyboard. You don't have to hold down ctrl during the rest of the attack.
  • Variation: click on the monster, and hold down the mouse button, then hold down ctrl, release the mouse button, and release ctrl.


Strength increases melee damage for every weapon with the exception of the bow and wand. For bows, DEX increases damage and for wands INT increases damage. Your attack power can be seen in your stats window by tapping the H button.

Melee attacks have a chance to be a miss or a critical hit. The amount of misses is decided by your hit rate. More hit rate = less misses, DEX increases hit rate, or certain equipment may have the same effect. This number is not shown anywhere. A critical hit is what causes more than normal damage. DEX and certain equipment can increase critical ratings. This number is shown in your stat window that is viewed, once again, by tapping the H key on your keyboard. 100% is the maximum, but in reality this does not mean that every hit will be a critical. Attacks can be blocked by the monster, non-related to your critical rate.

When you land a critical, there is a small chance that the monster will be knocked back, so it can't attack you for a few seconds until it lifts itself up.

The speed at which you perform melee attacks is called attack speed, or aspd. This increases at certain amounts of DEX. The number of DEX at which your aspd takes a leap is called speed break or breakpoint. These points depend on your class and weapon of choice. This number can be seen in your stats window. 100% is the maximum.

Aerial Combat

In the air, combat is quite different than the regular fights down below.

To target a flying monster, you must press the Tab key on your keyboard until a red square is placed into view. Tap Tab once more if you wish to target another monster. Afterwards, once it's properly selected, tap the Z key and this should have your character auto-follow it. Treat it as any monster and auto attack should have had engaged for as long as you remain in the skies.

Most players would find that Magicians are the easiest to handle while dealing with flying monsters. Magicians with a wand are the only ones who can attack a flying monster from a distance. Every other classes will need to attack the monsters from close.

Special attacks

Knight AoE
Knight AoE

All classes have their own unique attacks.


Each, and every class have their own personal skills. They can be viewed by tapping the K button on your keyboard.

If a skill has a cooldown time, this means that you can only use it once in a certain period of time. During this time the skill will be grayed out. Some skills however can cause a status effect on the enemy such as temporary confusion and stunning. Skills can not miss or crit, and are not affected by attack speed.

In certain cases, the Area of Effect, or AoE comes into play. This type of tactic is particularly used by knights and billposters. It is done by rounding up certain mobs and killing them all at once using a certain skill, doubling, if not tripling one's exp.

For more information on skills, please view the Skills page

The Action Slot

On the lower right of your screen, there should be a bar called Action Slot. Here you are able to select certain skills that you wish to use at a constant rate. Once everything is properly selected, all you need to do is tap the C button on your keyboard and watch as the skills you've chosen come to life in a chronological order. Please note: Changing the gameplay interface to V1 (Old) allows you to activate your Action Slot by right-clicking a masquerpet

The advantage of putting normal skills here is that they will be able cast faster than when you'd simply hold down the function key.

The disadvantage is that it has a cooldown time when you start to abuse the action slot. Skills that are in the gray area will not be activated. If you wait a while, it will become normal again. Putting 2 or 3 skills in there works the best.

On the image you can see how an action slot looks like after it has been used a few times in a row. When it is used again at this point, the first 3 skills will activate, but the last one, which is completely in the gray area, will not be activated.

Skills that already have a cooldown cannot be assigned to the action slot.


The Function Bar

This bar is mainly for easy access for anything you wish to place in it. Skills, for example, can be dragged onto this. By tapping the K button, you may drag certain skills that are level 1 or higher onto the function at the bottom of the screen. You may also place them on the bar on the left, but the are only function-able by clicking directly at them.

To use the skills, select a monster, or select yourself if the skill is a self-buff, and then press the corresponding function key, or click on the skill in the bar. You will be able to preform the skill 1 time, at the cost of a certain amount of MP or FP.

So the steps are:

  • Click on it to activate the skill
  • Click on it, or press F1 to activate the skill
  • Click on it, or press F3 to activate the action slot
  • Click on it, or press C to activate the action slot
  • This skill will be performed first when the action slot is activated
  • This skill will be performed second when the action slot is activated

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