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Normal attack

Sword - Axe - Yoyo - Bow - Staff - Knuckle - Stick

Selected monster
Selected monster
Auto-attack engaged
Auto-attack engaged
Click on a monster once to select it. There are now 4 blue triangles around it, and an arrow pointing to the selected target will appear above your head.

If you now click on the selected monster again, you will perform 1 melee attack. Double-click a monster to engage auto-attack, the 4 triangles will then become red. You now will attack the monster until it dies, or until you hit the escape button on your keyboard (de-select), or until you click somewhere else.

Other ways for auto-attack are:

  • click on the monster, and hold down the mouse button
  • click on the monster while pressing the control (ctrl) button on your keyboard. You don't have to hold down ctrl during the rest of the attack.
  • Variation: click on the monster, and hold down the mouse button, then hold down ctrl, release the mouse button, and release ctrl.

Strength increases melee damage for every weapon except bow and wand. For bows dex increases damage and for wands int increases damage. Your attack power can be seen in your stats window (press H).

Melee attacks have a chance to be a 'miss' or a 'critical hit'.
The amount of misses is decided by your 'hit rate'. More hit rate = less misses, dex increases hit rate, or certain equipment. This number is not shown anywhere.
A critical hit ('crit') is a hit that causes more than normal damage. Dex or equipment can increase critical rate. This number is shown in your stat window (press H). 100% is the maximum, but in reality this does not mean that every hit will be a critical. Attacks can be blocked by the monster, non-related to your critical rate.
When you land a crit, there is a small chance the monster will be knocked back, so it can't attack you for a few seconds until it stands back up again.

The speed at which you perform melee attacks is called attack speed, or aspd. This increases at certain amounts of dex or with certain equipment.
The number of dex at which your aspd takes a leap is called 'speed break' or 'breakpoint'. These points depend on your class and weapon, check out the class info to find out more about the breakpoints for your class and weapon of choice.
This number can be seen in your stats window. 100% is the maximum.

Special attack

Wand - Bow

Image:Wandbolt charging.jpg
Charging the attack, in this case a wandbolt
Image:Wandbolt fired.jpg
Released wandbolt
When you select a monster when you have one of these weapons equipped, a green bar will appear above your head.

With the bow you can perform a normal attack, like described under Melee. However, if you use the first alternative auto-attack (click and hold down the mouse button), the green bar will start to fill up, in 4 steps. When it's full you will automatically shoot an arrow, with more attack power then a normal attack. Each 'stage' of charging will slightly increase the attack power of the arrow. This is referred to as a 'charged shot'.

With the wand, auto-attack is not possible. It shoots small magic balls, which can be charged to cause more damage in the same way as a bow. These 'wandbolts' as they often are called use a small amount of when charged to step 3. They are rarely used, because the attack skills for a magician are much more effective.

Attack skills (normal)

Sword - Axe - Yoyo - Bow - Staff - Wand - Knuckle - Stick

Assigning skills to a hotkey
Assigning skills to a hotkey
Each class gets certain attack skills. When you have them on level 1 or higher, they can be assigned to a function key (F1-9). Simply open the skill window (press K) and drag them to the bar at the bottom of your screen. You can also put them on the bar on the left, but then they can only be activated by clicking on them.

To use it, select a monster, and press the corresponding function key, or click on the skill in the bar. You will perform the skill 1 time, at the cost of a certain amount of MP or FP.
Click on the image on the left for an example.

  1. click on it to activate the skill
  2. click on it, or press F1 to activate the skill
  3. click on it, or press F3 to activate the action slot
  4. click on it, or press C to activate the action slot
  5. this skill will be performed first when the action slot is activated
  6. this skill will be performed second when the action slot is activated

If a skill has a 'cooldown' you can only use it once in a certain period of time. During this time the skill will be grayed out.
Some skills can cause a status effect on the enemy, read the skill descriptions to find out more.

Skills can not miss or crit, and are not affected by attack speed.

In general, melee skill damage is affected by str, magic skill damage by int. There are a few exceptions though, read the skill descriptions to learn more.

Attack skills (action slot)

On the bottom right of your screen there is an 'action slot'. Here you can put combo skills or normal skills you want to use a lot. Press 'C' to use the skill in the action slot, or drag the 'S' icon in front of it to a function key like you would with a skill.

The advantage of putting normal skills here is that they will be cast faster then when you'd just hold down the function key.

Action slot with cooldown
Action slot with cooldown
The disadvantage is that it has a cooldown. When you use the action slot a lot, it will start to gray out. Skills that are in the gray area will not be activated. If you wait a while it will become normal again. Putting 2 or 3 skills in there works the best.

On the image you can see how an action slot looks like after it has been used a few times in a row. When it is used again at this point, the first 3 skills will activate, but the last one, which is completely in the gray area, will not be activated.

Skills that have a cooldown can not be assigned to the action slot.

Aerial Combat

There are a few types of flying monsters in Flyff.
These are currently the only source of the very popular plug earrings, a defense-increasing jewelry item.

In the air, combat is a little different. Only wands can be used for ranged attack, when you are a bow or yoyo user, you will attack with your right hand (with normal damage though).

To select a flying monster, you need to press tab when you see a red square around it. Press tab again if you want to select another monster in range.
Then press Z, this will cause your character to follow it. If you de-select a monster by pressing escape, follow will be disengaged.
Next, hold down the insert key on your keyboard, then hit enter to activate the chat box. If you now release insert, auto-attack will be engaged for as long as you stay in the air. This is easier then holding down insert the whole time.
All you need to do now is press the spacebar to start flying. The moment you are close enough to the monster you will attack it. It is best to then press spacebar again, otherwise your screen will keep on spinning as you fly around the monster.

Wand users will attack with wandbolts. These are homing, and in contrast to combat on the ground, auto-attack will work. For this reason, most players find magicians the easiest characters to hunt flying monsters with, because they don't need to chase them as much as other classes.

Hunt only the 'normal' and 'captain' types of the monsters if you want to find a plug. The 'small' types only drop the demol earring, which adds only a very small amount of attack power, and in comparison with plugs they are worthless.

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