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[[Knight | Knights]] are royal figures clad in hard reflective [[Knight Armor | armor]], and usually wield one- or two-handed [[Axes | axes]] or [[Swords | swords]]. Hitting level 60 to become a Knight is a powerful decision especially if you want to succeed in 1v1, AoE, PvP, [[Clockworks | Clockworking]], and [[Guild War | Guild Wars]].
[[Knight | Knights]] are royal figures clad in hard reflective [[Knight Armor | armor]], and usually wield one- or two-handed [[Axes | axes]] or [[Swords | swords]]. Hitting level 60 to become a Knight is a powerful decision especially if you want to succeed in 1v1, AoE, PvP, [[Clockworks | Clockworking]], and [[Guild Siege | Guild Sieges]].
''See Knight Armor [[Knight Armor | here]]''
''See Knight Armor [[Knight Armor | here]]''

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There are so many classes in Madrigal. So much so that it could even become dreadfully confusing on which one could be the perfect fit for each of our individual needs. Let's take a look at each of the classes currently known and find out a bit about them.


Being a Vagrant

A Vagrant leveling
A Vagrant leveling

When you first begin your experience in FlyFF, you are known as a Vagrant. Vagrants dress in simple armor and use Shields, Axes, and Swords. Leveling from 1 to 15 is an easy goal and choosing your class will be the utmost important part of your FlyFF Career.

Vagrant Build?

As a Vagrant you do not need to worry about STA, INT or DEX. Simply just add to STR, which is Strength. Strength adds more damage to your weapon, which can help you kill monsters faster and easier. Remember, you can try any build that you want but ultimately once you change your class, your build will be restarted to the way it was at level 1 and you can redistribute the points according to what class you wish to become.

Note that some players will add DEX to reach the Vagrant speed break, or a jump in attack speed, but the general consensus is to go full STR until 1st job change.

Vagrants use FP or Focus Points for their special skills.

See Vagrant Armor here

See Vagrant Skills here

The First Job Change

When you level to 15 you will be able to participate in your First Job Quest

You will be able to choose from four different Classes. From each class there are two Second Job's you can choose from upon reaching level 60 and completing your Second Job Quest



Mercenaries are the little heroes of Madrigal and aspire to be the greatest swordsmen of their time. Mercenaries, like Vagrants, use Shields, Axes, and Swords. When you hit level 60 there are two Second Classes you can choose from, the Knight and the Blade.

Mercenaries use FP or Focus Points for their Special Skills.

See Mercenary Armor here

See Mercenary Skills here


Knights are royal figures clad in hard reflective armor, and usually wield one- or two-handed axes or swords. Hitting level 60 to become a Knight is a powerful decision especially if you want to succeed in 1v1, AoE, PvP, Clockworking, and Guild Sieges.

See Knight Armor here

See Knight Skills here


Blades, similar to Knights, are also clad in hard shiny armor and are seen as the assassins of Roika. Blades duel wield with axes or swords. Fighting with a Blade does not necessarily mean you have to use two of the same axe or sword. You can mix and match by giving each hand a different weapon. They are called mainhand, your right hand and offhand, your left. Your mainhand or right handed weapon will always be stronger because it is your attack hand, while your offhand is your defense.

See Blade Armor here

See Blade Skills here


Acrobats, unlike the melee fighting styles of Mercenaries, are long range attackers, meaning they attack from a long distance. Acrobats use bows and a unique weapon called a yo-yo. Bows are typical to your bow and arrow technique, but yo-yos are small round weapons that are duel wielded and thrown full force at an attacker like a yo-yo and boomerang back to their owner's hands. When you hit level 60 you can choose to become a Jester or Ranger.

Acrobats use MP or Mana Points for their Bow skills and FP or Focus Points for their Yo-yo skills.

See Acrobat Armor here

See Acrobat Skills here


Jesters are usually seen with yo-yos and often bows and use their yo-yos to boomerang them at long distances to attack Mobs. Although Jesters usually perfect their skills with yo-yos, some are seen with bows.

See Jester Armor here

See Jester Skills here


Rangers are experts at utilizing powerful skills with their bows. Rangers can attack over long distances and, like their Acrobat and Jester counterparts, also practice stealth by using a special skill that causes them to go invisible for a short amount of time to confuse their attackers and render Mob attacks useless. Rangers are renowned for their ability to resist and even disable magical attacks.

See Ranger Armor here

See Ranger Skills here


Assists are the supporters of the game and are used for buffing and healing other players. Assists use sticks, shields and knuckles. Sticks are used for buffing and healing, while the combination of shields and knuckles are used for melee fighting. Buffs are temporary special skills that heighten the build of a player they have been cast on. Not only can they heal, but they are able to resurrect fallen players. When you hit 60 you can choose to become a Ringmaster or a Billposter.

Assistants use FP or Focus points for their Attack skills and MP or Mana Points for their Buffing skills.

See Assist Armor here

See Assist Skills here


Fluff Buff!
Fluff Buff!

Ringmasters, like Assists, support players with Heal, Resurrection, and an assortment of extra buffs and special skills. Ringmasters basically continue their careers as an Assist and continue to wield sticks. Ringmasters are the most sought out class to partner with and are key to smooth leveling in-game. Not only are their partners improved with their support, but the Ringmasters benefit from the fast experience for leveling that comes with being partnered. Do not think that Ringmasters can only support, because they can fight as well. They can either go for 1vs1 or AoE and they can be good like other fighters as well.

See Ringmaster Armor here

See Ringmaster Skills here


Billposters are the most independent class in the game. Not only are they skilled with buffs, Resurrection, and Heal, they are accompanied with a number of powerful melee attacks that cause astounding amounts of damage. Billposters use shields and knuckles and can level without partners without a problem. They can go 1vs1 or AoE, they can even do both a little bit. The power of them lies in the constant damage they deal, not trying to hit the highest.

See Billposter Armor here

See Billposter Skills here


Magicians are your typical spell-casting class. They have an arrangement of elemental attacks that include earth, water, wind and fire. Magicians use wands, staves, and shields. Some Mages prefer using one or two elemental attacks and leveling them to a mastery, and other prefer mastering all of them. When you hit level 60, you can choose to become a Psykeeper or an Elementor.

Magicians use MP or Mana Points for their special skills.

See Magician Armor here

See Magician Skills here


Psykeepers use demonic forces to attack their prey. Instead of the happy-go-lucky appeal with elemental attacks like water, they seem to have more of a dark image. Psykeepers can produce great amounts of damage. Psykeepers commonly wrap their builds around one powerful skill. Instead of walking, Psykeepers are able to glide; this is not faster then walking and is not considered flying so you will still need a broom or board to venture to distant places. Psykeepers generally use shields and wands, but can also use staves.

See Psykeeper Armor here

See Psykeeper Skills here


Elementors basically continue their careers as Magicians and are skilled with powerful elemental attacks. Elementors generally use staves, although they can also use wands and shields and can attack with large powerful spells. Not only they will have elemental attacks, a lot of their skills have an area-of-effect.

See Elementor Armor Here

See Elementor Skills Here

Choosing the right Build

A Common Psykeeper Build.
A Common Psykeeper Build.

Builds are the blueprints of your character's inner strengths. They are used to balance your character between Strength, Stamina, Dexterity and Intelligence. When allocating points into certain Stat areas, it all depends on what Classes you want to become and what attacks you want to use. Sometimes weapons can change the amount of points you decide to put in each area, and sometimes certain skills can change the purpose of the Build.

Every time you level you are given a certain amount of Stat Points and can place them in different area's you feel that you need them.

  • STR or Strength Strengthens the attack power of your weapon, except for wands.
  • STA or Stamina Strengthens your defense, maximum Health Points, and maximum FP or Focus Points.
  • DEX or Dexterity Strengthens your attack speed, evasion rate, blocking rate, critical rate and probability of deathblow.
  • INT or Intelligence Strengthens your maximum MP or Mana Points, magic striking power and defense power.

This Psykeeper, accompanied with Equips, needs a great amount of STA to increase her Health Points so she can tank large amounts of damage from high leveled Masquerpet, or Mobs. To use her Demonic spells she has added a decent amount of INT to raise her Mana Points. This Psykeeper has built her Build around a certain skill, called Crucio. This self buff is casted and lasts for a little over a minute and is basically a reflective attack that damages her opponent 2x of what they damage her. This is why she needs so much STA.

When people work on their builds, some classes like to commonly go Full on one Stat. Some Knights go Full STA, and some Ringmasters go Full INT.


Buffs are skills which Temporarily improve stats or give beneficial effects.There are two types of buffs.

  • Buffs- Can be cast on yourself or on another character. The class that can cast buffs over others are Assistants. The other classes all have self-buffs. (eg. Mental Sign, Patience.)
  • Self-Buffs- Can ONLY be cast on yourself.(eg. Perfect block from an Acrobat, Stonehand from an Assistant, Protection from a Mercenary.)

The majority of classes have either Buffs or self-Buffs (except vagrant and mage classes). The maximum number of Buffs a character can have at any one time is 14 Buffs (including self-Buffs). Buffs are lost when they run out or if the character dies. Another way to get Buffs is from Buff Pang. Buff Pang provides the following buffs to characters level 60 and below. Duration of Buffs from Buff Pang is one hour.

Skill Lvl Effect Description
image:Assist_Patience.gif Patience lvl 7 Max. HP +80 Increases the Max. HP of a target for a limited time.
image:Assist_Quick_Step.gif Quick Step lvl 7 Speed +16% Increases the walk speed of a target.
image:Assist_Haste.gif Haste lvl 7 Attack Speed +12% Increases attack speed of a target.
image:Assist_Cats_Reflex.gif Cat's Reflex lvl 7 Blocking Rate of Melee attacks +4% Increases the block rate of a target.
image:Assist_CannonBall.gif Cannon Ball lvl 7 DEX +7 Increases the DEX of the target.
image:Assist_Mental_Sign.gif Mental Sign lvl 7 INT +7 Increases INT of a target.
image:Assist_Heapup.gif Heap Up lvl 7 STA +14 Increases the physical strength of the target.
image:Assist_Beefup.gif Beef Up lvl 7 STR +7 Increases striking power of a target.
image:Assist_Accuracy.gif Accuracy lvl 7 Hit +7% Increases the accuracy of a target.

Note: Buffs that are giving by the Buff Pang will stay on you until the character will die or when they run out of time. They can be casted over with other buffs of a higher level. The rule that will follow for buffs from an Assist is: The highest lvl buff will stay. Example: A lvl 10 Patience will stay on a character when another Assist tries to cast a lvl 4 Patience on that character. If it's the other way around, then the lvl 10 Patience will be casted over the lvl 4 Patience.

  • Buff icons can be moved around the screen by click and drag them to the position you want. They can also be arranged vertically or horizontally by double clicking on the buff icons.


A Billposter performing Burst Crack
A Billposter performing Burst Crack

AoE is an acronym for Area of Effect, which is a special attack that allows you to attack any amount of Mobs that are in a certain area around you. AoE Characters usually have a large number of STA points in order to be able to tank all of the damage they are receiving.

Different AoE attacks include:

  • Burst Crack an Assistant attack.
  • Merkaba Hanzelrusha a Ringmaster attack.
  • Arrow Rain an Acrobat attack.
  • Flame Arrow/Ice Arrow a Ranger attack.

Mercenary -> Knight

When training your Mercenary to become a Knight it's common to put most of your Stat Points into STR or Strength into your Build.

Knights are mainly known to tank. Tanking is a word used for characters that have massive amounts of HP or Health Points and can handle hardcore attacks being dealt on them by high level monsters.

Mercenary -> Blade

Blades are more or less assassins and your common assassins are trained to kill fast. As a Blade you will want to have an extremely high DPS (damage per second) output. The most common builds are full DEX or full STR. Full DEX gives Blades a high attackspeed, while the full STR build gives Blades a (in comparison with the full DEX build) slow attackspeed, but a huge attackpower.

Acrobat -> Jester

The true form of a Jester, would be the Yo-Yo Jester. As a Yo-Yo Jester, you'll master all your skills and use them in heated 1v1 or PvP matches. When using regular attacks as a Yo-Yo Jester, you'll rely on DEX to increase the attack speed and STR to increase your damage output.

Acrobat -> Ranger

Most Rangers will go with a partial STA, rest DEX build to optimize their striking power, block rate and evasion rate. INT is completely optional, but entirely unneccessary- it adds MP and increases the duration of Flame Arrow's damage-over-time effect, but nothing more.

Assistant -> Ringmaster

When training your Assistant to become a Ringmaster, most players go Full INT so they have powerful long lasting Buffs and Heal. Others make Hybrid Builds of INT and STA so they do not die easily. Ringmasters tend to level with players who are up to 19 levels above their own level. These so-called partners are killing even higher monsters, so adding to STA could help you survive a hit or two. Another build can also be a (full) STA build, since Ringmasters are capable to AoE at higher lvls. They will get an AoE skill at lvl 80 which allow them to go AoE and kill for themselves. They tend to AoE around lvl 95-105+.

Assistant -> Billposter

As a Billposter, you have arguably the highest build potential. The most common would be the high STR or full STR builds. However, they can also be an effective AOE class as they have two different choices. There's the more common STR and STA, and the less popular INT and STA.

Magician -> Psykeeper

Magicians need massive amounts of Mana Points, but if you are creating a Psykeeper, most players go full STA for Crucio or a hybrid of INT and STA. AOE Psykeepers usually go with a hybrid of INT and STA. Their also is a full INT build, that will rely on Satanology. The build is quite slow to lvl with, but you could Giant with it fairly well.

Magician -> Elementor

Most Magicians put a lot of stat points into INT because it increases spell damage. AOE Elementors tend to go with a hybrid of INT and STA as a tanking build or a full INT build as a 'Windfield' build or 1vs1 build.

Greens : Armors and Weapons

Many players, when they first begin, are very unaware of the best or favorable Weapons and Armor in the game. Blue Armor and Blue Weapons are the types of items sold by NPCs. The items themselves are not blue, but the title of their names. The most powerful weapons and armors in-game are called Greens. Green weapons are classified by the color of their title or description in-game, which of course is a dark shade of green.

Most of the very best armor's are level 45 Greens that are not sold in NPC shops. An example of these greens is the Flury Set which has the best stats for Assistants that are support. Most Assistants use this set until they are level 90 or lvl 105.

When looking for Greens the only place to look are in Personal Shops, which are little shops created by players or when you train as they drop from monsters.

There are however, rare Blue sets for level 60 players. These sets are rare in the sense that, they are not sold by NPC shops, are not Greens, and look the most fashionable as an armor suit. There are two rare Blue sets for each sex of each second class for level 60 characters.

There are over six different types of Green weapons that are sought for in FlyFF.

  • Guardian: Guardian weapons are level 60 and to be used, must meet the level 60 requirements.
  • Historic: Historic weapons are level 75 and to be used, must meet the level 75 requirements.
  • Angel: Angel weapons are level 90 and to be used, must meet the level 90 requirements.
  • Legendary Golden: Legendary Golden weapons are level 105 and to be used, must meet the level 105 requirements.
  • Bloody: Bloody weapons are level 120 and to be used, must meet the level 120 requirements.
  • Ultimate: The name of an upgrade on Green weapons. After a Green weapon is +10, you can change it into an Ultimate weapon.

Some Blue weapons such as Stick of Roritoren and Lightened Wand used to be Green weapons in v7, and are still very valuable and just as useful in our latest version.

You can buy most Blue Weapons and Blue Armor and upgrade Greens by going to your local Blacksmith; NPCs or None Playable Character in town.

Green Mercenary Weapons


Level Icon Name
60 Image:GuardianAx.gif Guardian Axe
75 Image:HistoricAx.gif Historic Axe
90 Image:AngelsAx.gif Angel Axe
105 Image:LegendaryGoldenAx.gif Legendary Golden Axe
120 Image:Bloodyaxe.gif Bloody Axe

Two Handed Axes

Level Icon Name
60 Guardian Ambidextrous Axe Guardian Ambidextrous Axe
75 Historic Ambidextrous Axe Historic Ambidextrous Axe
90 Angel Ambidextrous Axe Angel Ambidextrous Axe
105 Legendary Big Golden Axe Legendary Big Golden Axe
120 Bloody Two-hand Axe Bloody Two-hand Axe


Level Icon Name
60 Guardian Sword Guardian Sword
75 Historic Sword Historic Sword
90 Angel Sword Angel Sword
105 Legendary Golden Sword Legendary Golden Sword
120 Bloody Sword Bloody Sword

Two Handed Swords

Level Icon Name
60 Guardian Big Sword Guardian Big Sword
75 Historic Big Sword Historic Big Sword
90 Angel Big Sword Angel Big Sword
105 Legendary Golden Big Sword Legendary Golden Big Sword
120 Bloody Slayer Bloody Slayer

Green Acrobat Weapons


Level Icon Name
60 Image:Guardianyoyo.gif Guardian Yo-Yo
75 Image:Historicyoyo.gif Historic Yo-Yo
90 Image:Angelsyoyo.gif Angel Yo-Yo
105 Image:LegendaryGoldenyoyo.gif Legendary Golden Yo-Yo
120 Image:Bloodyyoyo.gif Bloody Yo-Yo


Level Icon Name
60 Guardian Bow Guardian Bow
75 Historic Bow Historic Bow
90 Angel Bow Angel Bow
105 Legendary Golden Bow Legendary Golden Bow
120 Bloody Bow Bloody Bow

Green Assistant Weapons


Level Icon Name
60 Guardian Stick Guardian Stick
75 Historic Stick Historic Stick
90 Angel Stick Angel Stick
105 Legendary Golden Stick Legendary Golden Stick
120 Bloody Stick Bloody Stick


Level Icon Name
60 Guardian Knuckle Guardian Knuckle
75 Historic Knuckle Historic Knuckle
90 Angel Glove Angel Glove
105 Legendary Golden Gloves Legendary Golden Gloves
120 Bloody Knuckle Bloody Knuckle

Green Magician Weapons


Level Icon Name
60 Guardian Wand Guardian Wand
75 Historic Wand Historic Wand
90 Angel Wand Angel Wand
105 Legendary Golden Wand Legendary Golden Wand
120 Bloody Wand Bloody Wand


Level Icon Name
60 Image:gstaff.gif Guardian Staff
75 Image:hstaff.gif Historic Staff
90 Image:astaff.gif Angel Staff
105 Image:lgstaff.gif Legendary Golden Staff
120 Image:Bloodystaff.gif Bloody Staff

Using Equips

  • Equips, or accessories, are items you can wear on your character to improve your character's appearance, or build.
  • Items such as Armor, weapons, and Cash Shop items are used on and off as you level and purchase.
  • Other items such as Jewelery, are used to add +stats to your current build.
  • Wearing the jewelery is recommended to be constant.
  • All types of jewelery can be upgraded with stats ranging from 0-+20 regarding HP, MP and FP.

Types of Jewelery

  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Rings


Level Icon Name
1 Image:GoreNecklace.gif Gore Necklace
1 Image:Mental.gif Mental Necklace
1 Image:Peision.gif Peision Necklace


Level Icon Name
1 Image:PlugEarring.gif Plug Earring
1 Image:DemolEarring.gif Demol Earring
1 Image:Speedo.gif Speedo


Level Icon Name
1 Image:Vigor.gif Vigor Ring
1 Image:Intelli_Ring.gif Intelli Ring
1 Image:Stam.gif Stam Ring
1 Image:Ring_(Arek).gif Arek Ring

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