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Buff Pang
Image:NPCBuff Pang2.jpg
Continent: Flaris

Area: Central Flarine.

Image:NPCBuff Pang3.jpg
Continent: Flaris

Area: River of Weeping.

Image:NPCBuff Pang4.jpg
Continent: Saint Morning

Area: Sain City.

Image:NPCBuff Pang5.jpg
Continent: Saint Morning

Area: Pumpkin Town.

Image:NPCBuff Pang6.jpg
Continent: Darkon

Area: Erons Factory 1.

Image:NPCBuff Pang7.jpg
Continent: Darkon

Area: Darken.

No Quests Available

Level Requirement : 1-60

The Buff Pang gives buffs to new players that are below Level 61.

The Buff Pang, formally known as Pang, and former guardian of the the Lodelites, aids new travelers in anyway that he can. Ever since the Lodelites were destroyed by the hands of fate, Pang was found in a position of uselessness, solitude, and loneliness. The guardian seemed to have no place in the world of Madrigal anymore.
This all changed when he was given the task of aiding newcomers in their quests until they are skilled enough to go out on their own. He is always around to help the needy, and will most likely continue doing so until he passes on.


World Quote:

  • "New to Madrigal? Visit your friendly neighborhood Buff Pang!"


  • "Hello there! I'm granting buffs to adventurers who haven't completed their second job change yet. Come see me anytime if you ever find yourself in need of a boost to your stats!"

Who are you?:

  • "I am a Buff Pang. There are several of us throughout Madrigal and we are here to help adventurers by applying bonuses to their combat statistics. Are you in need of a buff, my friend?"


  • "Enjoy your stay in Madrigal!"


Buff Station
The following table shows the Buffs received by a character from the Buff Pang. Duration of these buffs is one hour.

Skill Lvl Effect Description
image:Assist_Patience.gif Patience lvl 7 Max. HP +80 Increases the Max. HP of a target for a limited time.
image:Assist_Quick_Step.gif Quick Step lvl 7 Speed +16% Increases the walk speed of a target.
image:Assist_Haste.gif Haste lvl 7 Attack Speed +12% Increases attack speed of a target.
image:Assist_Cats_Reflex.gif Cat's Reflex lvl 7 Blocking Rate of Melee attacks +4% Increases the block rate of a target.
image:Assist_CannonBall.gif Cannon Ball lvl 7 Dex +7 Increases the DEX of the target.
image:Assist_Mental_Sign.gif Mental Sign lvl 7 INT +7 Increases INT of a target.
image:Assist_Heapup.gif Heap Up lvl 7 STA +14 Increases the physical strength of the target.
image:Assist_Beefup.gif Beef Up lvl 7 STR +7 Increases striking power of a target.
image:Assist_Accuracy.gif Accuracy lvl 7 Hit +7% Increases the accracy of a target.

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