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Greetings FlyFFers!

We thought we'd go ahead and give you all a sneak preview of things to come this week, so read along and check it out!

We're going to be hosting our annual Back to School Super Sale starting this Wednesday, August 18th and lasting up until next week Tuesday, August 24th.

We're throwing in a bunch of new items into the cash shop including some new fashion sets, some new flying cars, a new pet, and even the long awaited Name Change Scroll!

Here's an exact list of what's new!

Those aren't the only proponents of the sale though

We're also throwing in the following bundles for all of your upgrading needs!

These bundles come tagged with a 50% Off in savings so snatch em up while you can!

But wait, we're still not finished!

Over the next seven days, each day we'll be tagging a specific item or package as Buy 1 Get 1 Free! While we won't give out the whole list of these items just yet, we'll go ahead and spoil the first day. Check back here to see this updated daily!

As you can tell, we went a little crazy with this sale so we hope we've got you all eagerly anticipating this Wednesday; we know we are!


Finally, we'll also give you a sneak preview at this week's event!

Some of you may remember that a few months ago we held this little event called the 7 Day Mystery Party Event. During this event, we hosted and alternated a surprise event each day over the course of 1 week. Well, due to how much people liked it, we've decided to bring it back and have even extended it to 14 days!!! So, over the course of the next 2 weeks, you'll all be treated to a surprise special event, of one variety or the other! Much like last time though, we won't be telling you what event you're getting, so you're all just gonna have to log in and find out. We hope you enjoy the upcoming surprises!

14 Day Mystery Party Event
Date Event
18 August 2010 The "Sunstone Drop" Event
The "Spike Chance Box Drop" Event
19 August 2010 The "Mocomochi" Event
The "Premium Box Drop" Event
20 August 2010 The "It's Raining x2 EXP" Event
The "Moonstone Drop" Event
21 August 2010 The "POWER UP" Event
The "White Rabbit Chance Box Drop" Event
22 August 2010 The "Mysterious Bag Drop" Event
The "Cheer" Event
23 August 2010 The "Clockworks Butler Masquerade" Event
The "Clock Bike Chance Box Drop" Event
24 August 2010 The "Moonstone Drop" Event
The "1.5X EXP" Event
25 August 2010 The "NarKeni's Potion Drop" Event
The "Dragon Chance Box Drop" Event
26 August 2010 The "Roanin's Magic Level Box Drop" Event
The "Mocomochi" Event
27 August 2010 The "It's Raining X2 EXP" Event
The "POWER UP" Event
28 August 2010 The "Little Mia Chance Box Drop" Event
The "Cheer" Event
29 August 2010 The "Treasure Box Drop" Event
The "Clockworks Butler Masquerade" Event
30 August 2010 The"Elegant Black Wings Chance Box Drop" Event
The "POWER UP" Event
31 August 2010 The "1.5X EXP" Event
The "Sunstone Drop" Event
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