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This item can be awakened.
This item can be awakened.
Awakening, introduced in Version 11 of FlyFF, is the process of adding additional special stats to a piece of equipment. The stats that are added can be either positive or negative, so it's not always a good thing.

The following items can be awakened:

  • Any Weapon (Including: Unique and Ultimate Weapons)
  • Any Shield
  • Any Armor Suit
  • Helmet
Awaken your helmets to give them:
  • STR
  • DEX
  • INT
  • STA
  • Max HP
  • Max MP
  • Max FP
  • Suit
Suit can get all awakenings.
  • Gauntlet
Awaken your gauntlets to give them:
  • Critical Hit (%)
  • Attack Power
  • Decreased Magic Casting Time now known as Decreased Casting Time % DCT (+10% would make time shorter -10% would make time longer)
  • Attack Speed
  • Max MP
  • Max FP
  • Boots
Awaken your boots to give them:
  • Increased Critical Damage
  • Speed
  • Defense Power
  • Max HP
  • Max MP
  • Max FP

Awakening has a fee of 100,000 penya for each scroll bought. Awakening has a 100% success rate, and so can not fail. There is no chance of an item breaking during awakening.

How to Awaken a Piece of Equipment

Peach: The Jewel Manager NPC
Peach: The Jewel Manager NPC
Jewel Manager NPC's window containing the Scroll of Awakening (Green one)
Jewel Manager NPC's window containing the Scroll of Awakening (Green one)
To awaken a piece of equipment, take it to (Jewel Manager) Peach in Flarine. On her menu you will see the option "Trade." Here you can purchase a Scroll of Awakening. In the same manner as upgrading items:

Double Click the Scroll and click on the items that is going to be awakened, and wait. In a few short moments, the stats will be shown on the item.

Awakening Results

This item has been awakened.
This item has been awakened.
Once an item is awakened, it will have five additional attributes (stats) added to it, which are indicated in blue lettering. The number and type of attributes added are random and can be either positive or negative stats. Stats that can be awakened are:
  • Max. HP
  • Max. MP
  • Max. FP
  • STR
  • STA
  • DEX
  • INT
  • Attack
  • DEF
  • Speed %
  • Attack Speed % (ASPD)
  • Critical % (CRIT)
  • Increased Critical Damage
  • Decreased Magic Casting Time % DMMT now known as Decreased Casting Time % DCT

The above example would look like this green=plus red=minus
One, Two or Three of the following 14 stats Chance
23.626 % 10.228 % 5.970 % 3.842 % 2.564 % 1.713 % 1.105 % 0.649 % 0,294 % 0.010 %
STR/STA/DEX/INT +or- 1 4 7 10 13 16 19 22 25 28
CRIT/DCT/SPEED +or- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
ASPD/ICD +or- 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19
ATK +or- 5 20 35 50 65 80 95 110 125 140
DEF +or- 4 16 28 40 52 64 76 88 100 112
MP/FP/HP +or- 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500

Canceling the Awakening

Once an item has been awakened, the only way to remove the awakened attributes is to use a Image:AwakenCancel.gif Scroll of Reversion, which can be purchased from the Cash Shop. Using this scroll on an awakened item will remove all of the awakened attributes and return the item to its original unawakened state. Canceling the awakening can not fail and will not break the item. If the same item is awakened again after having an awakening canceled, it will receive completely new random attributes.

You can also use a image:Icon Scroll of Awakening Protection.png Scroll of Awakening Protection, which can be purchased from the Cash Shop, if you want to try for better attributes if your current awake is not entirely bad. It will allow you to choose between the original awake or the new one after reversion.

A Scroll of Awakening Augmentation image:Scroll_of_Awakening_Augmentation.png can be used to change 1 line to a new stat (Can be positive or negative).

Additional Awakening Facts

  • The required level of a piece of equipment does not change the potential attributes it can receive from awakening.
  • An awakened item can have more than one of the same stat. (i.e., two, or even three STR attributes on one item)
  • It is possible for awakened stats to cancel each other out if you get a positive and a negative of the same stat.
  • Blades will receive the effects of awakened weapons in both hands if wielding two awakened weapons.
  • Awakened items can indeed be traded and sold in private shops.
  • It is not possible to remove specific stats from an awakened item unless a scroll of augmentation is used. Canceling the awakening with a reversion scroll removes all of the awakened attributes from that item.

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