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This Quest locks exp gain. Do not hand in any other quests while this quest is active for you will not receive any exp for that quest.

The Assist job change quest is divided into 3 parts, each part requiring a specific task to be performed successfully to reach the next part.

Note ALL quest items attached to quests will drop to the ground. You must pick them up. They go to the Quest tab in Inventory.

Assist Job Quest

Starting NPC

(Assist Trainer) Asis Location
(Assist Trainer) Asis Image:NPCAsis2.jpg

The Assistance Church of Lysis

Quest Starting Location: Eastern Flarine
Quest : The Assistance Church of Lysis
NPC : (Assist Trainer) Asis
Quest Requirement : Level 15 Vagrant.
Objective : Find Assist Master Maki in Flarine.

(Assist Master) Maki

Reward: 1500 penya, access to next job change quest.

Quest Text:

"You have become Lv 15. Now it is time to choose your destiny. I see you have interest in the Assistance Church of Lysis. We are not fake; we help people who seek the gentle path of praise as an Assist. We teach mercy and love as much as we love Lysis. We show healing and compassion to others with our stick, but we also correct and give punishment with our knuckle. You can be taught all of the holy powers. Are you ready to become a Assist, my child?"

Accepting Quest Text:

"To be a Assist, you have to go to Assist Master Maki and pass a simple test. Then you can join 'The Assistance Church of Lysis'. You can easily find it by using Hotkey Q to find where it is."

Denying Quest Text:

"It is also Lysis' will that you have declined to be a Assist. I wish you blessings as you seek the task that fits you best, my child. Oh, you are a wise child indeed to choose to be an Assist."

During Quest Text:

"Assist Master Maki is at the North Plaza with the other masters."

Completed Quest Text:

"Oh, you are a wise child indeed to choose to be an Assist."

Assist Master

Quest Starting Location: Northern Flarine
Quest : Assist Master
NPC : (Assist Master) Maki
Quest Requirement : Level 15 Vagrant and completion of part 1 of assist job change quest.
Objective : Collect 5 Popom Powder (which are the quest items of Mushpangs) and bring them to (Assist Instructor) Kidmen in Eastern Flarine.

Popom Powderx5
(Assist Instructor) Kidmen

Reward: 1500 penya, Label of Technique (NEEDED IN NEXT STAGE) and access to next part of quest.

Label of Technique

Quest Text:

"Are you ready to accept Lysis' providence? An Assist receives Lysis' blessing, but there is also much hardship. However, I can see by the fervor in your eyes that Lysis has sent me a blessed child. Although you are supposed to support other classes, you have to protect yourself. Hunt mushpang and get 5 forforms, then take them to Assist Instructor Kidmen. She will give you a note which says that you have completed the quest."

Accepting Quest Text:

"By Lysis' providence, you will have a good result. You may use short Q and click mushpang to find where it is."

Denying Quest Text:

"Lysis knew you would decline at this time. I pray that you will reconsider and return at a later time."

During Quest Text:

"Go to Assist Instructor Kidmen when you have 5 forforms. Don't forget short Q which helps you to check your quest."

Completed Quest Text:

"Are these forforms? You are a wonderful follower of Lysis!"

Blessed Child to Reverent Assist

Quest Starting Location: Eastern Flarine
Quest : Blessed Child to Reverent Assist
NPC : (Assist Instructor) Kidmen
Quest Requirement : Level 15 Vagrant, The Label of Technique and completion of part 1&2 of Assist job change quest.
Objective : Go meet with (Assist Trainer) Asis

Label of Technique
(Assist Trainer) Asis

Reward: All job quest rewards are now Event items meaning they can only be used by you. You may not trade,sell or bank these items.
Event Activation scroll, Event Bull Hamstern, Event Refresher Hold, Re-Skill (Event) Scroll, Stat Reset, and Job change to Assist.
(Stat Reset: all stats; strength, stamina, dexterity and intelligence are reset to 15 and all points are returned. You may now set them for your new class)

Event Activition Scroll
Event Bull Hamstern
Image:Bull Hamstern.png
Re-Skill (Event)
Image:Event Reskill.png
Event Refresher Hold
Image:Refresher Hold.png

Quest Text:

"Our mission is to give peace to all, even though some Assists must use force to defeat evil. This, also, is the will of Lysis. Take this paper. This affirms that you received Lysis' message of knowledge. Once you give the paper to the Assist Trainer, Asis, you will be allowed to learn the first Assist skill. Maki will be so pleased to know that you became an assist!"

Accepting Quest Text:

"Asis is right here beside me. Hotkey Q is always available for you. Don’t forget about it."

Denying Quest Text:

"Have you decided to choose another job? That could also be Lysis's will. Lysis blesses you!"

During Quest Text:

"Asis is waiting for you."

Completed Quest Text:

"Lysis has blessed you. My child, now you should follow the path of peace and balance. With your new Assist's skill, please bring peace to the people and fear to the enemies of Madrigal. Please accept this gift to celebrate your passage to Assist. You are blessed, my child. I hope to see you soon."

Next Stage in Quest

  • None

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